How To Clean Your Dirty Juicer to Prevent Food Contamination

This Is How You Should Clean Your Dirty Juicer

A juicer is a handy machine to deliver a freshly-made nutrient boost, come morning or night. Using a juicer at home saves your money from being splurged on store-bought juices and also allows you to mix fruits and veggies in combos to your need and taste, hence optimizing health benefits for each family member. Also, it’s fun to create your own smoothie and shake recipes! But getting a nutrient fix from your morning smoothies or fresh juices shouldn’t come at the risk of contamination-borne nausea or vomiting. And so, cleaning a used juicer is important to ensure a healthy sip every time.

The Necessity of Cleaning Juicer

The Necessity of Cleaning Juicer

Cleaning your juicer thoroughly after each use may seem like a hectic chore. But it’s a necessary process to prevent you and your family from getting any foodborne illness caused by contamination. According to health experts, high levels of illness-causing ‘Enterobacteriaceae’ can form within the residue of foods clung onto dirty appliances. Juicers typically have a large surface area with many cavities, nooks, and crannies. So, they come with the risk of forming larger amounts of bacteria, spreading more microbial contamination. Thoroughly cleaning your juicer after each use ensures that the appliance is disinfected and the next batch of drinks isn’t contaminated. Here are the detailed instructions for cleaning your dirty juicer.

Required Tools:

● A cleaning brush, generally provided in the juicing model kit/a toothbrush

● Soft sponge

● 3 microfiber cloths

● Mild dish soap

Cleaning Directions:

Cleaning Directions:

● First thing first, don’t forget to unplug the dirty juicer from its power source before starting cleaning. Then disassemble all the removable parts. Check the user manual for disassembling instructions.

● Empty the pulp collector and rinse all components of the juicer under running water.

● Thoroughly scrub the parts using a cleaning brush or a toothbrush. Be extra attentive while scrubbing the strainer or the pulp filter.

● Next, fill the sink with dish soap and warm water.

● Place the juicer parts in it and leave them to soak for 10 minutes.

● Remove the components from the soap water and scrub them again using a soft sponge.

● Now rinse every part of the juicer thoroughly.

● Dry the components using a microfiber cloth and set them aside to air dry.

● Use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe the base and body of the juicer. Then dry the parts with another dry microfiber cloth.

● Once all the parts are dry, reassemble the juicer following the user manual’s instructions.

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Here’s a yummy and quick recipe for breakfast. All that’s needed is some cheese, an egg, butter, and a bread slice. Take a non-stick pan, and melt some butter and cheese in it. Cut a hole in the bread and put it in the pan over the cheese. Once it turns light brown and crispy, turn it over and put the egg in the middle. Let it cook for a while, and breakfast is all set!

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