About us 

When we set out to build FamilyThis, we knew we needed to connect with moms on a personal level. We wanted to build the best brand for super-moms who are getting it done in style. In order to truly tap into the community and their interests, we knew we had to fully understand and define our target audience.

Meet Liz – our ultimate super mom! Liz is 37 years old and lives in Richmond, VA with her husband Jeff and their 2 kids. Liz runs her own interior design company straight out of her very chic home office. When she isn’t meeting with clients or construction teams, Liz can be found catching up on a variety of topics and content online. Of course, that’s only after the kids are asleep and meal prep for tomorrow is all ready.

Liz may be a fictional character, but she represents the audience we are aiming to reach. Liz’s values, interests, likes and dislikes are the driving factors behind the content we create at FamilyThis. 

Our mission is simple – to create and uncover content and stories that matter through the lens of originality, inclusivity and conversation. Our personalized, audience-first methodology allows us to reach and engage our committed readers, newcomers and passersby.