Are All Babies Born With Blue Eyes?

The Truth About Blue Eyes

When it comes to predicting the physical characteristics of unborn babies, eye color remains a topic of intrigue and fascination. While many myths can be debunked with scientific explanations, eye color seems to hold a bit of mystery. One common myth is that all babies are born with blue eyes. However, the truth is a little more complex and fascinating.

The Myth of Blue Eyes

The color of our eyes is determined by various factors, including genetics and the amount of melanin produced by melanocytes. The iris contains melanin, and the amount and type of melanin present determine eye color. Some babies are born with blue eyes, but it’s not universal for all infants. The blue color can be temporary and gradually change over time. This occurs because the cells responsible for determining eye color migrate into the iris late in gestation and postnatally. The process of melanin distribution and iris development can take several months, resulting in a gradual change in eye color.

The Role of Melanin

The myth that all babies are born with blue eyes may stem from the fact that many infants do have blue eyes initially. This is because melanin production in the iris is not fully developed at birth, and the blue color of the iris appears more prominent in the absence of sufficient melanin. As melanin production increases, the eye color may change to its final shade, which can be blue, brown, green, hazel, or other variations. It’s important to note that not all babies’ eye colors change. Approximately 10 to 20% of babies experience a change in eye color, while the rest retain their birth color throughout their lives. The factors influencing eye color are complex and can involve multiple genes and genetic interactions.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the myth that all babies are born with blue eyes is not entirely accurate. While many babies do have blue eyes at birth, it’s not a universal rule. Eye color is determined by a combination of genetic factors and the production and distribution of melanin in the iris. Babies’ eye colors may change gradually over the first few months of life as melanin production and iris development progress. Predicting a baby’s eye color is not an exact science and can be influenced by various complex genetic factors. The true beauty lies in the uniqueness of each individual’s eye color and the excitement of watching it unfold as babies grow and develop.

The Perfect Weeknight, Family Friendly Tortilla Soup Recipe

You’re tired, hungry, and have zero energy to spend an hour on the kitchen counter. That’s okay. With this flavorful tortilla soup, you don’t have to. All it takes is a couple of minutes of prep (that even your kids can help you with) and a bit more on the stove, and you’re good to go. Here’s what you’ll need and how to make this quick, healthy, and inexpensive dinner soup.

The Perfect Weeknight, Family Friendly Tortilla Soup Recipe
The Perfect Weeknight, Family Friendly Tortilla Soup Recipe

What Is Tortilla Soup & Its Main Ingredients

Tortilla soup is spiced but not too spicy Mexican chicken soup that is packed with flavors that pamper the taste buds. It’s traditionally made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and chilies, but variations are also widely available. Today’s recipe is really simple and perfect for weeknights with the family when you’re short on time and energy.

These are the three main ingredients you’ll need:

  1. A can of fire-roasted tomatoes — Being roasted really adds a lot of depth to the soup base.
  2. A store-bought rotisserie chicken — It not only saves a ton of time but also brings a delicious smoky flavor to the recipe.
  3. A can of enchilada sauce — For that rich roasted flavor, you absolutely need this zero-effort ingredient.

Grilled Chicken
The Perfect Weeknight, Family Friendly Tortilla Soup Recipe

How to Make This Delicious Tortilla Soup

Although not the most authentic way to prepare tortilla soup, this is a shortened, weeknight- and family-friendly way to do it.

Step 1

Take the chicken and remove all the meat from it. Be sure to keep the bones for stock. It’s a fun idea to ask your kids to help and include them in the process.

Step 2

Chop the zucchini, garlic, and onion (plus other veggies of your choice).

Step 3

Put everything into a big pot and add the spices, chilies, and canned tomatoes. Let it simmer until ready and stir occasionally.

 Tortilla Soup
The Perfect Weeknight, Family Friendly Tortilla Soup Recipe

Step 4

Sit back and snack on tortilla chips while the soup simmers. It’s not a mandatory step, but it’s highly recommended.