Victoria Beckham’s Wedding Dress Flew Across the Atlantic Four Times for the Perfect Fitting!

Victoria Beckham’s Wedding Dress Flew Across the Atlantic Four Times for the Perfect Fitting!

When Victoria Beckham got married in 1999 to David Beckham, she walked down the aisle in a very captivating Vera Wang champagne-colored ball gown.

Wang is known to go above and beyond to make sure her brides get the perfectly-tailored gown on their wedding day! In an interview with People magazine, the designer explained how it required so many flights across the Atlantic and back to fit the dress accurately.

The International Dress Travels

The fashion expert has designed wedding gowns for various famous celebs like Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian. And just like every other celebrity, she made sure Victoria Beckham also got an ideal fit, so she flew the gown back and forth four times on the Concorde.

Wang mentioned that Mister Pearl creates traditional corsets to accommodate the slimmest of waists, and it would take around 45 minutes to lace it up properly!

The Travel Troupe

It wasn’t just the dress that crossed continents, Beckham and Wang did so too. Wang traveled to London to fit the corset on Victoria Beckham, while Victoria flew to New York City twice for fitting appointments.

The Travel Troupe

Because Victoria got pregnant, the wedding got postponed. And after a year and a half, the dress project resumed, and the bride got married in a beautifully curated Vera Wang wedding gown. Wang even said that this was why she called Victoria and David’s event a truly transatlantic wedding.

Paris Hilton Says She’s Ready to Be a Mom and Wants “2 or 3” Kids

Just when you think Paris Hilton can’t surprise you, she pulls another rabbit out of her hat. The Paris In Love star recently got candid about her plans for the future, saying that she feels ready to be a mom with her husband Carter Reum and, get this, she wants twins first!

Paris Hilton Says She’s Ready to Be a Mom and Wants “2 or 3” Kids “Fairytale Wedding Dream Come True”

Just last November, Paris tied the knot with businessman Carter Reum in a magnificent, star-studded three-day ceremony where Demi Lovato sang “ I Will Always Love You” and Diplo served as the DJ at the Santa Monica pier where the couple threw a carnival celebration. To top that already pompous wedding, the couple went on a seven-week honeymoon around the world. It was during that time that Hilton’s desire to become a mom was strengthened. Like she told reporters, Reum is everything she’s ever wanted, and their fairytale wedding was a dream come true.

IVF Is the Only Option for Paris Hilton

Wanting to become a mom isn’t exactly news for Paris Hilton. She actually started the IVF (in vitro fertilization) process last January and has praised Reum for being “so supportive.” Since Paris wants “twins that are a boy and a girl,” the only way that can happen is through IVF. It was her long-time friend Kim Kardashian that actually told her about it and introduced Paris to her doctor. Kim welcomed two children via surrogate after her last pregnancy complications.

Paris Hilton and her husband, Carter ReumParis has already completed the egg retrieval procedure, and although “it was tough,” she’s really happy that her partner was there with her to support her and make her feel “like a princess all the time.”

Paris Hilton, who will turn 41 this February 17, also opened up about her secret to anti-aging. She said that her youthful look is because she’s never had any procedures or botox done and that she feels really proud of that.