A Mom Recreated Her Daughter’s Childhood Drawing of Her

Kids make all kinds of art. Most of them are meaningless to some, while to others, they are a work of art. Many kids spend their time drawing, and most of those masterpieces will end up being gifted to their parents. Some moms and dads decide to hold onto them for years instead of throwing them in the trash. One mom not only came across a drawing her daughter made of her when she was young, but she also decided to recreate it.

Young girl drawing with pencils
A Mom Recreated Her Daughter’s Childhood Drawing of Her

The Story Behind the Drawing

More than a decade ago, Denise Esktrand’s daughter decided to draw a portrait of her. The final piece of art included bold lipstick — similar to what a clown would have, defined eyelashes, and hollow eyebrows.

Ekstrand mentioned that she had kept the drawing over her makeup vanity for the past 12 years, admiring it almost every day. She said that she admired it not only because it’s something her daughter made for her, but also because it reminded her (aggressively) to put on lipstick.

Recreating the Look Using Makeup

She had recently made some home improvements and repainted her house, which meant that she had to take the artwork down. However, as she was hanging it back up, she thought that it would be hilarious to recreate the look after all those years.

A photo of the mom's recreated look next to the original drawing for comparison
A Mom Recreated Her Daughter’s Childhood Drawing of Her

Using her makeup, she painted on the exact features from the drawing on her face. Once she was done, Denise snapped a selfie holding up the artwork next to her face to compare the two.

Thinking that other moms would also find it funny, she posted it to Reddit. There, she mentioned that she thought she still looked the same after all this time.

Her daughter, who is now 19 years old and in college, thought the recreation was hilarious.