Cooking With Kids Is a Fun Way to Teach Them How to Budget

If you’ve ever spent any time cooking and grocery shopping with your little ones, you know how many questions they have all the time. You’re probably used to making some of your favorite meals with them and explaining all the steps, but have you ever discussed how you budget for your weekly meals? Although talking about money may seem weird and/or uncomfortable, you should start the conversation with your kids early on.

Cooking With Kids Is a Fun Way to Teach Them How to Budget
Age-Appropriate Money Talk

Today, more and more parents are involving their children in the cooking process from a very early age. With the help of learning towers that have become super popular, even the smallest of toddlers can help when preparing family meals. This is a great opportunity to also talk about the budget for the weekly groceries. If your kid is really young, start with something small like teaching them to recognize different coins and bills. It’s going to be a basic introduction to money.

Discuss Prices

While you are at the grocery store, it’s a great opportunity to discuss prices. You can point out two items and talk about the price difference. You can explain to the child simple things like if you save money on one item, you can afford more of something else. Don’t go too deep or make it complicated, but introduce them to this important part of life in a child-appropriate way.

Setting a Budget

A simple way you can teach an older child about budgeting is by telling them how much money you get to spend on muffin ingredients, for example, and letting them find all that’s needed in the shop. They will have to compare the prices of different chocolates or other necessary ingredients in order to fit within the budget. This is an amazing real-life lesson!

Making the kids part of the budgeting, shopping, and cooking process is not only about learning how to spend money. It’s also a great way to boost their confidence, which is something they will need in order to navigate financial situations as adults too. Let’s do our best to create capable children that will turn into even more capable adults!