Top 3 Ways to Make Adorable Lunchbox Bags for Kids & Adults

Lunchbox bag patterns for sewing and no-sewing can be found in this article for you to experiment with at home. How to make your finished lunch bags and totes more unique by adding a monogram or initials? You’ll find a slew of creative DIY lunch bag ideas, including how to stamp and stencil your lunch bags to add bespoke monograms and art shapes that express your unique style.

Top 3 Ways to Make Adorable Lunchbox Bags for Kids & AdultsYou may not get the same nutritional benefits from food purchased outside of your home, such as from a grocery shop. Food from the market is tasty, but you never know what quality it is because it is always spicy. If you don’t want to risk your health by eating out, you can prepare your lunches and other meals at home and take them with you in a lunchbox or another container. Most parents choose to pack lunches for their children’s school lunches because eating at the school cafeteria can be unhealthy.

#1. Denim Lunch Bag

If you have scraps of fabric and old denim pants lying around, you can make fantastic lunch box bags at home. Take a look at this adorable denim lunch bag that you can make in no time at all. To build this lunchbox bag, cut and sew the denim pants, then add the red nylon webbing straps. Using the iron-on patches or letters, you can personalize your lunchbox bag.

denim bag#2. Oilcloth Lunch Bag

Make a lasting impression with this beautiful lunch bag, which features an artistic design. To build this DIY oilcloth lunch bag, you’ll need oilcloth, batting, a custom fabric lining, and Velcro.

#3. Reusable Lunchbox Bag

There are endless options for creating your lunchbox bags out of beautiful fabric at home. Just take a few moments to take in the beauty of this latest work of rock and inspirational art. Featured here is an attractive re-usable lunchbox bag with built-in handles.


  • 12 yards of lightweight fabric for home decor (shown here in Joel Dewberry Heirloom)
  • Medium-weight fusible interfacing, 14 inches long (like Pellon 808)
  • The correct thread, iron, scissors, sewing machine, and pins are all needed.


Cut two 14′′ x 11′′ pieces of each fabric and interfacing and remove a 2.25′′ x 2.25′′ square from the bottom two corners of each piece. Iron the interfacing to the lining. Cut two 11′′ x 6′′ pieces of fabric for the handle lining. Lay a handle lining fabric on top of the bag fabric, with the right sides facing each other. The 3.5′′ and 7.5′′ markers should be marked 2′′ from the top of the bag with a ruler. The ruler should be 3 inches from the top of the bag, so mark the 3.5′′ and 7.5′′ markings again. Make a rectangle for a bag handle by connecting the dots.

To make a handle, pin the parts together and sew on top of the line. Snip through all layers of fabric using scissors, cutting close to the corners and down the centerline. Push and pull the handle lining fabric out of the other side of the slot that you just made in the fabric. Pin the handle liner to the interior of the bag with a hammer. Trim excess fabric from the handle lining and sew with a zig-zag stitch. Afterward, pin the bag’s front and back right sides together, but avoid pinning the corners or the top. Stitch 1/4″ away from the bag’s left and right edges, as well as the bottom of the bag (center only, not corners yet). To align the seams on the bottom and sides of your bag, pinch the corners together.

Assemble matching edges by pinning and sewing 1/4 inch from the edge. The corners of the bag should now be pushed out, so turn the bag over. To keep the top edge from fraying, use zig-zag stitching or pinking shears. Make sure the top edge is tucked behind the handle cutout so that it doesn’t show. To secure the top fold, use a zig-zag or straight stitch along the bag’s top edge. This is all you need to know–just grab your luggage and get off! In a pinch, you may use the car garbage bag as a reusable lunchbox bag. Alternatively, you can pack food and sunscreen in it for a day at the beach, park, or playground.