Bring Home This Amazing Chocolate Fountain as a Special Party Treat

We always find kids gathering around the chocolate fountain in a candy store and struggling to tear their eyes away from it. So, why not bring home a chocolate fountain as a special day treat for the kids? It can be the perfect centerpiece on a party table on special occasions like a birthday party, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, or even Christmas Eve. A chocolate fountain is always super fun and effortlessly creates an instant atmosphere of excitement in the room. Also, it guarantees that your kids will end up eating more fresh fruits than any other day! Now, if you’re wondering where to get a home-sized chocolate fountain, here’s the perfect piece for you.

The Product

We’re talking about the electric chocolate fountain from Nostalgia. Currently, at $10 off on Amazon, this one is worth every bit of your money! The medium-sized 24-ounce capacity of this 3 or 4-tier chocolate fountain is perfect for easy handling and use a few times a year. It holds an impressive 1.5 pounds of chocolate. That means you’ll enjoy an hour or two of continuous cascading chocolate flow, though that’s depending on the number of people you’re serving and how much they love chocolate. But the good part is, you can always add more chocolate while it’s in use.

The Cleanup

If you think a chocolate fountain party always ends up with mess and cleaning hazards, think again! This nostalgic electric chocolate fountain can be easily broken apart into different parts. It’s best to rinse each part with hot water as soon as possible after the party is over because cleaning the melted chocolate off is a lot easier than when it gets hardened again. Tilt the main fountain part over the sink and spray it down while avoiding the electrical components. Then, dry and store the chocolate fountain until next time.

4 Things You Must Ensure When Buying Your New House

Everyone is fascinated with buying their dream house. From saving money to choosing the best location, people put in so much thought before they actually move in. Yet more than half of homebuyers regret one thing or the other in the long run. Here are four things that you must ensure when buying your new house.

Look Out for HOAs

Most of the houses available in the market today are owned by HOAs, i.e., Housing Associations. Note that they have their own rules and pricing too. You might have additional charges under fees, maintenance, and community projects. Additionally, you will have to get their approval for any change that you make to the building. In order to make an informed decision, go through the past budget of the HOAs.

Land and Logistics

Experts suggest you ask the people living in the location about road conditions during various seasons. If you are on a search for a house during summer or spring, your agent might never tell you how messy it can get during heavy rainfall or snowfall. This is why it is important that you interact with people before you spend any money.

Choose School Districts

Even though it might not matter to you now if the local school in your area is not good, there might come a point in your life when you would want to send your kid to a school that is good and provides quality education. This is where you make sure that your new house has a good school nearby.

Take Note of the Demographics

From the age group in your location to the social environment, it is necessary that you make sure it fits you. It’s important that you take a walk with the people in the neighborhood or try to communicate with them to understand their nature and the overall environment of the place you are about to call your home.