Five Ways to Rekindle a Relationship When It’s Stagnating

Couple cuddling in front of a fireplaceRelationships are like a campfire. Both require a commitment to keep the flames burning. After the initial spark, the fire grows and starts to emit the warmth and light that we all seek, especially during our darkest moments. As time passes, the flames will begin to fade, and failing to rekindle them will certainly put out the fire.

Here are five methods that will enable you to reignite your relationship and give it a second chance.

Honesty Between Couples

Talk, Talk, and Talk

Couple sharingAll successful relationships are built on honest and transparent communication. Share your problems and worries with your partner. Explain why you believe rekindling is necessary and what you feel is lacking from your relationship. There’s just no way to bring back the spark without talking about your problems.

Flirt as Often as You Want

Boy and girl flirtingFlirting is what allowed you to grab the attention of your significant other. Start demonstrating your interest by using different techniques. Make your partner feel wanted and desired. It may feel awkward or forced at the beginning but it will surely be worth the discomfort after you manage to rekindle your love. Make compliments, throw daring looks, recount jokes that make both of you giggle, sext – even if you’re in the same room.

Change Your Sexual Habits

Couple in bedChanging your sex life can feel daunting but it must be done in order for you to reignite the flame with your loved one. It can be something as simple as trying a new position, wearing a different type of lingerie, or having sex at a spot that you haven’t tried before. You can also take it a step further and get a new toy or bring in a third person. Experiencing something new together, won’t only bring novelty to your relationship, it will also reinforce your bond.

Relationship Rekindle With Well-Organized Quality Time

Go on a Staycation

Couple watching TVSit down with your partner and plan a weekend at home that will give you the chance to reconnect. You can organize a movie marathon, play games that you both enjoy, try new foods, or simply have a talk that will reintroduce yourselves to each other.

Consult Professionals

Couple in therapy to rekindle their relationshipMany couples are ashamed of seeking professional help when their relationship stagnates. Finding a safe place where both of you can discuss your problems without fear of judgment can lay the grounds to rekindle your feeling towards one another.

Choosing the right approach can help people rekindle their emotions and save relationships that seem irremediable. But, the first step to reigniting the flame is admitting there is a problem.