Tips for Healthier and Less Hurtful Relationship Arguments

Although there are some couples out there who claim to never argue or disagree with each other, the large majority of love birds are going to have a few fights here and there. This may be because you just can’t deal with your partner’s snoring anymore, it may be because they keep leaving their dirty underwear on the floor, or it may be because they’ve done something a little more serious.

While it’s easy to make hurtful comments when you’re in the heat of the moment, experts suggest that those who ensure that their arguments are healthier and less hurtful are more likely to stay together. 

Tips for Healthier and Less Hurtful Relationship Arguments

Maintain The Communication

One of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a good relationship – even when your other half annoys you – is to maintain the communication. Many arguments between couples stem from a lack of communication, so it’s important to set aside 20 minutes per day where you can sit down with your partner and talk about anything and everything. This may be to talk about the latest television show, or it may be to talk about your feelings.

Take A Time Out

Although you may have been told that you should never go to bed angry, sometimes this can actually benefit your relationship and your argument better. Sometimes taking a time out allows you to think about the argument and collect your emotions, which is pretty important. 

Tips for Healthier and Less Hurtful Relationship Arguments

Don’t Assume

When you assume, you know what happens. You probably don’t need to work out what rhyme we were going to recite. Assumptions can cause serious problems within your relationship, and they can even make your arguments even worse. Instead of assuming, make sure you ask your other half outright about what’s bothering you, about something from their past, or about something that they might be up to. You may have just got the wrong end of the stick. 

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