Here’s How Sleeping Apart Can Help Improve a Relationship

Have you ever wondered if sleeping next to your partner each night is good for your relationship? Well, if it’s the reason you’re not getting enough sleep, there might be another way. “Sleep divorce” may sound like a scary concept, but its goal is to ensure both sides in a relationship get a good night’s sleep.

Man snoring and woman pinches his now to stop looking annoyed
Here’s How Sleeping Apart Can Help Improve a Relationship

The History of Couples Sleeping in the Same Bed

Co-sleeping has a long and rather logical history. Up until Victorian times, households often bedded together out of necessity. Peasants would sleep on the floor next to the entire family, including the livestock. They did this so they could stay warm and safe during the night. It wasn’t until the 15th century that beds came into fashion, and even then, the first beds were as big as the family could afford, and everyone slept together yet again. Only the crème de la crème could afford more than one bed, but their servants still slept with them so they could be available at all times.

A scebe from the famous sitcom "I Love Lucy" where the main characters Lucy and her husband sleep in separate beds
Here’s How Sleeping Apart Can Help Improve a Relationship

The revolution came in the mid-19th century when separate beds became the new normal, primarily so people could limit the spread of germs. Even married couples started setting up twin beds.

Sleeping Apart Can Help Your Relationship

As surprising as that may sound to you, sleep divorce is a real thing that has helped many couples all around the world. Several recent studies have shown that when you or your partner don’t get a good seven hours of sleep, this can drive a wedge between you two. Snoring, different morning routines, schedule mismatches, and even movement in bed can all cause you to lose sleep time and again.

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Here’s How Sleeping Apart Can Help Improve a Relationship

When you are both rested, there is no underlying conflict that eats away at your mind during the night, and you can both focus better during the time you do spend together when you’re both awake. It’s good for your health, too. The best way to approach the conversation is to make sure you’re both calm and have enough time to discuss the proposal to try sleeping separately. Have your reasons ready, and make sure to listen attentively to the response of your partner. You can start small, with just one night out of seven, and see how it goes from there.