How to Build Better Relationships Through Boundaries

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries includes communicating how we feel about the relationship and taking more control over our own treatment in the setup. They mainly entail the expectations and needs of the parties involved that help the bond feel safe and homely. If you feel in any relationship that you cannot say no and have to put others’ needs and desires in first place, it’s time to think about setting boundaries that help you feel better.

Why Do We Need Boundaries?

Why Do We Need Boundaries?

Boundaries can be seen as a new self-care routine where putting yourself first helps you become more empowered, maintain your identity, and ensure that your relationships are healthy and nobody can take undue advantage of you. They also help gather authenticity from both members and make the relationship truly shared. They are crucial aspects of any relationship and as the bond changes, so do the boundaries. Boundaries can be physical, intellectual, emotional, material, or have to do with time. If you’re having difficulty drawing the line, here are various ways to effectively set boundaries in your life.

Figure Out Your Limits

The main obstacle to setting boundaries is the apprehension about losing the person we care about after saying no. Find the areas where you are not willing to negotiate. Determine your capacity and stick to it. Don’t worry about any guilt or what the other person might feel as you should have the utmost priority.

Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Tell the other person about your needs firmly – but calmly – so that they don’t instantly become defensive. Be assertive about what you feel and need so that there is no confusion. It’s best to do it in person so that you are able to explain your issues properly and have a discussion if needed. While the conversation is not always pleasant, the results will make you feel way better about yourself.


Be flexible in the things that you feel uneasy about. You can divide them into the ‘must haves,’ and the ‘would be nice’ that can be negotiated. Whatever you decide, you have to listen to your gut on what is acceptable and what is not. Through this, you can create a collaborative discussion so that it becomes as mutual as possible.



While setting boundaries itself feels intimidating, sticking to them is even worse. However, to maintain your identity and sanity, it is important. The most effective tool in doing so is deciding what happens when someone crosses the boundary. It can range from a simple discussion to a complete severance of the relationship, depending on your needs.

Learn to Accept

While and after setting boundaries, there is always a chance that the bond might not remain the same or can even end. But if the relationship ends or changes drastically when you put down your boundaries, it might be a sign that the relationship was not healthy to begin with. The important thing here is to keep in mind that you would suffer if there were no boundaries. You are not responsible for how others feel and should not feel guilty about telling them how you feel.

Naomi Osaka Drops Exciting Baby News on Instagram

When Naomi Osaka, the two-time Australian Open winner, withdrew herself from the recent Australian Open, many fans raised eyebrows and showed concern that her tennis career was over just at age 25. But now, the real reason behind her sudden mysterious absence from the pro-tennis circuit is revealed, and the same fans couldn’t be happier! Naomi Osaka is pregnant!

The Exciting News

Naomi Osaka recently dropped the baby bombshell on Instagram, citing the reason behind exactly why she had decided earlier to take a break from the court. The 2019 and 2021 Australian Open winner announced this exciting news on her Instagram account by sharing a picture of her screen with the caption “… a little life update for 2023.” Osaka is sharing her first child with rapper Cordae, whom she has been dating since 2019. The former winner also revealed that her professional career hiatus is just a temporary one, as she already vowed to be back next year on the court to compete at the Australian Open 2024.

The Emotional Message

Alongside the picture, Naomi Osaka also wrote a sweet heartfelt message on Instagram. Sharing her feelings, she informed her fans that, though the past few years had been very interesting in her professional life, now she found that the most challenging time of life can come with the most fun too. Osaka also thinks of each day as a new blessing and mostly, an adventure. She also added that taking a break from tennis had really given her a new love and appreciation for the sport to which she had dedicated her life. Naomi Osaka shared her joy for having a lot to look forward to in the near future. But mostly, she is looking forward to the day when her kid will watch her play and tell someone with pride, “That’s my mom!” We’re looking forward to it too, girl!