Tired of Their Jobs, Parents Are Re-Imagining Their Work-Life Balance

While grappling with issues like work-life balance, childcare, and parental leave, many parents left their stable jobs to pursue other opportunities and side hustles. The trend was called the Great Resignation, and some see it as the Great Re-Imagination or Great Reshuffling. Still, the fact is that a historic 47.4 million Americans have left their jobs in 2021, with workers citing low pay, disrespect at work, and no opportunities for advancement as the top reasons why they would leave. The fourth-most common reason was child care issues.

Parents Have Named Many Reasons for Changing Their Work-Life Balance

Tired of Their Jobs, Parents Are Re-Imagining Their Work-Life Balance

Parents who have left their jobs have named a variety of reasons for doing so, including more flexibility around child care. Two years after that, the aftermath of this Great Resignation shows that many have looked at corporate opportunities with remote work and more flexible hours. Others have embarked on their ventures, pursuing a more sustainable work-life balance. The question is if this shift in work-life balance is just the latest wave of something many parents know as hustle culture.

Startups Are Popular Among Those Seeking a Good Work-Life Balance

Some people have left their years-long careers completely after severe burnouts or upon reaching a plateau. So, wanting to prioritize their children and loved ones, some decided that a startup was the right option for them. The greatest accomplishment for a startup is to still be able to stand after the initial difficulties, and some manage to handle them very effectively. For people who manage to overcome adversity, the biggest benefit is that they no longer have to deal with long commutes and long days at the office or workplace. This also means more quality time left to spend with their loved ones.

Some have tried to start their new business with Kickstarter campaigns, while others looked for a job in a corporate environment where they could work at home. Many left their draining corporate jobs to start businesses in self-care, and some simply turned to self-employment. While that was the case for many parents, it was the exact opposite for others who transitioned from freelancing to a steady, full-time job, which improved their work-life balance.

Self-employment has certainly been an upward trend in recent years, but it should not be considered an easy path to success. It is still a matter of choice and not an act of desperation, but while it works great for some, it seems too tasking for others. Still, the rise in self-employment is a clear sign that some companies have to step up and offer more flexible arrangements for their employees, especially for parents and caregivers.

A Dangerous Stroller Mistake Many Parents Are Doing in the Hot Weather

It’s normal to want to keep your baby cool during hot summer days and protect them from the sun. However, this doesn’t mean that throwing a cover on their stroller is a good idea. As a matter of fact, this is a very dangerous mistake that way too many parents are making and it needs to stop ASAP!

Why Covering the Stroller Is Dangerous

Woman pushing a stroller Svante Norgren, a pediatrician at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm, said that parents are making matters worse when they try to keep their baby from the sun with the use of covers. Whether it’s a thin muslin blanket or something else, the condition inside the stroller can get quite uncomfortable for the little one. The risk of something bad happening also rises significantly. The cover will keep the air from flowing freely and will make temperatures rise inside the stroller.

The Test Results

A newspaper decided to test the pediatrician’s theory and they found out that for 90 minutes, a stroller that has not been covered heats up to about 70°F. A stroller with a thin covering reached 93°F in just 30 minutes, and 30 more minutes later, the temperature reached 98°F. This is a result of the covering blocking the airflow inside of the stroller, just like it happens in a car. And this can pose an incredibly high risk to little ones.

Why It’s Important to Skip the Cover

It’s important to know that babies and little children can get affected by heat way more than older children and adults. They sweat a lot less and can’t regular their body temperature all that well. They also can’t tell you when they’re feeling too hot and this puts them at a big risk of heat-related illnesses, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke. Babies and small children who have been exposed to heat for too long can be more tired, thirsty, and faint. Other signs of heat-related illnesses include restlessness, vomiting, and quick breathing. Some already existing medical conditions can get worse in the heat.

To avoid all that, use mesh covers or specially designed sun shields for strollers. Dress your baby in light clothes, give them more fluids than usual, avoid the peak hours, stick to the shade, and check on them regularly.