Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fexting

Here’s What Therapists Suggest About the Relationship Phenomenon

Fighting over text, commonly known as fexting, is a prevalent issue in most romantic relationships. Navigating conflicts through text messages can be challenging and often unproductive. Fexting involves exchanging angry or hurtful messages, often accompanied by accusations, blame, and negative emotions. While it may be inevitable at times due to various circumstances, there are ways to make fexting more effective. Experts suggest understanding fexting fully and also provide recommendations to do it in the most productive way possible.

Understanding Fexting

Understanding Fexting

Fexting refers to fighting over text with your partner, which can involve hurtful or angry messages, blame, accusations, and all other negative emotions conveyed through text, mainly due to the lack of in-person communication. It can also include asynchronous responses or stonewalling with short, bare-bones answers. Intimacy therapist Martha Tara Lee explains that fexting can manifest as asynchronous responses too, where one partner deliberately chooses not to reply or provides short and unengaging answers.

Pros and Cons of Fexting

Although fexting may sometimes be inevitable due to circumstances like long-distance relationships or busy schedules, experts caution that it is not the most effective way to resolve conflicts. It has some advantages, such as giving you time to think before responding and even providing a record of the conversation. But fexting lacks important cues like tone of voice and nonverbal cues, making it highly prone to miscommunication and potentially exacerbating the conflict. Relationship therapist Jenni Skyler points out that text-based communication lacks crucial elements such as tone of voice and nonverbal cues, which increases the likelihood of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Fexting Productively

Fexting Productively

If fexting becomes necessary, there are ways to make it more productive. According to Lee, Using ‘I’ statements instead of blaming language can help express your feelings without escalating the conflict. Expressing personal feelings and preferences without attacking the partner can help de-escalate the situation. Taking breaks during fexting can also provide space for reflection and prevent impulsive responses. It’s necessary to communicate your intention to take a break to your partner. Avoiding aggressive or hostile texting language, such as excessive use of all-caps or exclamation points, can help maintain a respectful tone.

The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

While some conflicts can be discussed through text, certain arguments are best settled in person. Complex or emotionally charged subjects and recurring arguments are better-addressed face-to-face to ensure better understanding and resolution. If a fexting conversation starts turning into an ugly argument, it’s advisable to pause the discussion and wait until you can have a conversation in person or over the phone.

Kaley Cuoco Welcomes Two Adorable Piglets Into Her Family

With the world of lockdown and with more and more people staying inside of their homes, it seems as though many of these people are also opening up their hearts – and their houses – to animals in need. In fact, many famous faces are choosing to adopt dogs and cats, and other adorable creatures that would otherwise be stuck in shelters. Kaley Cuoco is the most recent celeb to do just that, but instead of welcoming little pooches into her home, she has welcomed little piglets.

Kaley Cuoco Welcomes Two Piglets Into Her Family

An Animal Lover

If you’re familiar with Kaley Cuoco, you’ll know that this leading lady is extremely well-known for her role in the hit TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Now that this epic show has come to an end, Kaley now has a huge amount of time on her hands – and she has since devoted much of this time to maintaining her so-called “ranch.” Yes, Kaley and her husband are huge animal lovers, and they have added dogs, goats, bunnies, horses, and even a miniature horse.

Kaley Cuoco Welcomes Two Piglets Into Her Family

Two New Additions

It seems as though Kaley has even more time on her hands now that lockdown is keeping the world in their houses, so Kaley has since expanded her ranch even further. In recent weeks, she has opened up her home to two adorable piglets called Wilbur and Leeroy. These pigs were adopted by Kaley and her family, and we have no doubt about the fact that they’re going to be extremely well looked after. They’re probably going to make some other four-legged friends over the course of their lives there. After all, who doesn’t want to be friends with a miniature horse? Kaley is now spamming her social media channels with pictures and videos of her new piglets, and we would be lying if we said we weren’t squealing at their cuteness!