Navigating Birthing and Feeding Plans With Your Partner

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For first-time parents, everything is a new experience and the journey of birthing can reshape your relationship with your partner.

It is important that during this life-changing process of bringing up a baby and extending your family, one should always discuss feeding and birthing plans beforehand. Experts recommend that discussions should be started in the prenatal period and be repeated at appropriate intervals for a healthy parenting environment.

Start Conversations Early

Parenting and mental health writer Caroline Chirichella says having these conversations as early as possible in the pregnancy and revisiting them regularly as the pregnancy progresses.

This may have something to do with the fact that people just, change their minds sometimes. Chirichella says that open dialogues on an ongoing basis will reveal fewer hidden resentments further down the line. A healthy habit for anyone, really.

Open Communication Is Key

Empathetic listening helps one understand another’s opinions, feelings, and perspectives. More so, sharing information about the advantages, disadvantages, and science behind various ways of birthing or feeding also matters.

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Health professionals agree that increases the degree of knowledge, confidence, and readiness of women. Partners are encouraged to reflect on themselves with questions provided by their therapists to solve any cases of ongoing disagreements. A professional intervention can be a neutral ground for constructive discussions and resolution, giving confidence and assurance to both partners about their birthing and feeding.