The Lunchtime Workout Is on the Rise – Sweating in Our Apartments

This year, the fitness industry has changed so much. With this, the way we work out has changed too. We went from sweating in our local gyms to having sweaty online workout sessions in our homes while peering into a Zoom window on our computers. The move away from physical gyms had a huge impact on our exercise habits, as research shows. It’s based on data from 30,000 gyms, studios, and wellness centers in 30 countries.

Asian woman exercising at home
The Lunchtime Workout Is on the Rise – Sweating in Our Apartments

It’s already obvious that streamed workouts are huge, but this is just the beginning. The class booking platform reported a giant increase in the number of people that prefer working out at noon. Lunch was the most popular time to exercise during a workweek. It’s the first in the history of the research.

Jump into Online Workout Sessions

The reason for this jump is that more individuals are working out online and working from home, notes Julia Healey, head of account management and director of ClassPass. Online fitness classes allow people to exercise steps away from their “workplaces,” without having to worry about coworkers seeing them all sweaty. Haley says that many people have had to develop new routines during the past year. However, a bright spot has been the option to sleep in a bit later and use commute time for many activities, such as spending more time with their kids or fitness at home.

There are many study-backed benefits to working out in the middle of the day. Since people have probably already eaten breakfast, their blood sugar levels had time to rise post-meal. This makes it easier to do high-intensity workouts. Also, it can help people to refocus. An afternoon workout can help them get back on gear and be more present later on in the day.

Yoga’s Back

An online workout session
The Lunchtime Workout Is on the Rise – Sweating in Our Apartments

The types of workouts people were most likely to book changed this year too. Yoga became more popular by 25% compared to 2019. This makes it the most popular digital workout in the year. Haley states this shift probably happened because people were looking for something to decrease the stress because of the recent world situation.

It’s difficult to say whether any of these trends will continue into 2021. People hope they will not be cooped up in their own homes for the majority of next year. However, one thing is for sure, 2020 taught us that we should expect the unexpected. Until then, doing an online workout is a great way to blow off some steam and stay centered.