Tips for Helping Students Overcome Remote Learning Issues

Nowadays, students are learning from home, and it is something that has become the new normal. With most of them used to going to school and learning in groups with other students, they may run into a few problems when remote learning. However, there are ways to overcome these learning issues.

Remote Learning
Tips for Helping Students Overcome Remote Learning Issues

Common Problems with Remote Learning

Each problem varies with each student when it comes to remote learning. Some students might be easily distracted while others may have a hard time understanding the material being taught. Here are some of the most common problems regarding remote learning and how to overcome them.

Easily Distracted Students

Learning from home means that students have access to their electronics, pets, toys, and more. To keep them focused on learning, set up a learning space for them that is as clutter-free and quiet as possible.

Complaints of Headaches

With remote learning, most students are in front of a computer. The computer screen should be placed at eye-level to prevent neck strain. Have the student follow the 20-20-20 rule which consists of 20-second breaks every 20 minutes and also looking 20-feet away. Blue light glasses of computer screen filters can also help. Going to see an eye doctor can also help to prevent other serious problems.

Boy on remote learning, making notes
Tips for Helping Students Overcome Remote Learning Issues

Complaining of Hand Cramps

Kids may get hand cramps as they write, but this can be avoided with proper writing techniques and pencil or pen holding. Hands can be strengthened with the help of therapy putty and toys that snap together. Adding a molded pencil grip can help with proper grasping. Proper wrist placement can also be practiced when the paper is placed on a wall or easel during remote learning.

The Student Is Getting Up and Is Fidgety

Be sure to schedule frequent breaks where the student can get up, stretch, and move around. Their seat should also be supportive, comfortable, and they shouldn’t be slouching in it.