Get Rid of Tired Skin Along With Those Dark and Puffy Eyes

Looking wide awake and well-rested is easier said than done. Not everyone has time for eight hours of sleep each night, but that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Waking up in the morning and taking a look in the mirror only to discover that you have puffy eyes and tired skin isn’t so flattering. However, helping your skin glow and look refreshed can help your overall appearance.

When it comes to makeup, putting on a little can go a long way. Less is more. Too much concealer or coverage can actually draw more attention to those areas.

Refresh Your Tired Skin

Refreshing tired skin
Get Rid of Tired Skin Along With Those Dark and Puffy Eyes
  1. Start with a gentle scrub as opposed to your daily cleanser. The physical sensation and act of buffing your skin can help to wake up your sense and take off some of those dead skin cells. In turn, this will provide you with an automatic healthy glow.
  2. Depuff with serum while lightly massaging it into your face. Put some serum on your fingertips and press your fingers between your eyebrows while massaging upwards to your forehead. Do the same thing in the center of your face and out to your cheekbones and to your ears. Go down a bit more and do the same to your jawline. This can help flush some of the excess fluid and decrease puffiness.
  3. Enhance your look by applying a tinted moisturizer instead of concealer for a more glowy look.

Get Rid of Your Puffy Eyes

woman checking wrinkles around the eyes, close up
Get Rid of Tired Skin Along With Those Dark and Puffy Eyes
  1. Soothe your eyes by freezing four metal spoons for 15 minutes and placing them on your eyes until the metal warms up. The coolness from the metal will help de-puff the eyes.
  2. Conceal the dark circles and puffiness with some concealer after applying your tinted moisturizer. Using a single shade lighter than your skin tone can do wonders and make your eyes appear brighter.
  3. Use highlighter in the corner of your eyes to brighten them up and apply mascara — a blue shade of mascara is known to brighten them best.

Five Fun and Easy to Make DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Five Fun and Easy to Make DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for KidsMaking sure that your kid has a great Halloween costume every year is important for their self-esteem and to truly have fun on this holiday. Although store-bought costumes are the fastest solution, they tend to be expensive. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and a few regular household items, a world of DIY costume possibilities will open up. Here are five great examples:

Frankenstein’s Monster or the Bride of Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s Monster or the Bride of Frankenstein A Halloween classic! To make a believable Frankenstein’s monster, all you need is to cut open a milk carton and paint it green to make the shape of his head. Use a burlap potato sack for the shirt and green gardening gloves to complete the outfit. The rest is just a bit of green makeup.

For the Bride of Frankenstein, dress your child in a white long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and craft the overdress using a white curtain panel. The bride’s wig is easily made using polyester fiberfill stuffing, spray adhesive, and black spray paint.

An Adorable Halloween Goldfish

An Adorable Halloween GoldfishThis is a great costume idea for toddlers! It’s cute as a button and incredibly easy to make. Get an orange hoodie that’s oversized for the toddler. Take coffee filters and dye them orange using either spray paint or other effective dyeing options. Attach the filters to the sweatshirt to create scales and add two googly eyes to the hood!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper ShakersIf you have two kids, this is a fun Halloween costume idea for them to enjoy together. Make two piles of packing popcorn and dye one of them black. Dress the kids in a white and a black outfit and cover that with large, seethrough plastic garbage bags. Fill the bags with the packing popcorn. If you have two metal colanders, use those as hats!

A Mad Scientist Costume

A Mad Scientist CostumeFor this simple but effective costume, start with one of dad’s white button-down shirts to represent the lab coat. If you have plastic worms, spiders, frogs, and similar creatures, attach them to the lab coat with hot glue so it looks like they’re crawling out of pockets. A measuring cup and a toy doctor kit with a stethoscope and headband can be excellent props!

A Mesmerizing Jellyfish Costume

A Mesmerizing Jellyfish CostumeSimple but elegant, a jellyfish Halloween costume is sure to earn many candy bars. Start by attaching long strings of ribbon and bubble wrap to the edges of a clear umbrella. A white top and white pants will complement this costume perfectly. If you have some mesh fabric or tulle, bunch it up between umbrella cords and hot glue it to secure.