4 Easy and Effective Ways to Clean a Beauty Blender

Using your beauty blender to put your makeup on or blend in your foundation can make it filthy. You’ve already tried to clean and wash your sponge numerous times by now, no matter what kind of makeup sponge you’re using. Now that there are so many cleaning devices out there, it’s hard to distinguish the ones that work and the ones that are just gimmicks. Consider trying out one of these four ways to clean your beauty sponge.

Woman touching her face with a blender sponge
4 Easy and Effective Ways to Clean a Beauty Blender

1. Use Soap and Water

You can stick to the basics with just soap and water to do the job. Experts suggest washing your beauty blender after every use. Using a sensitive soap that kills 99.7% of germs is ideal, like Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castille Liquid Soap. The sponge should be completely damp before applying the soap that you choose to use.

Apply the soap on the wet sponge, rub it until it gets sudsy, and rinse it thoroughly until all the makeup and soap are removed.

2. Use a Brush Cleaning Mat

A silicone brush mat has a bunch of ridges and bumps on it that help remove the makeup. The same mat can be used for your beauty blender. Wet the sponge, and the mat then start to rub or tap the sponge on the mat until you see the makeup start to come off. Do this a few times with different angles of the sponge until it is clean.

3. Soak Your Beauty Blender

Soaking a blender sponge in water
4 Easy and Effective Ways to Clean a Beauty Blender

Soaking your sponge is a great way to remove stains. Wet the sponge and apply a few drops of soap and massage them in. Then drop your sponge in a bowl of water and make sure it is entirely submerged for maximum results. Let it sit for two to three hours and wring and rinse it.

4. Use Oil

Water alone can’t break down the oils from the makeup on your beauty blender, but using another oil can. Apply a cold-pressed oil, like coconut oil, to a dry sponge. Then, go in with soap and water for immaculate results.