7 Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts & Ideas to Try at Home

Long gone are the days when you would only find mason jar decorations at weddings and as the occasional pickled vegetable container. While these are still valid uses of the ever-loved mason jars, there are actually many other ways you can repurpose them that will not only be functional but super Instagrammable, too. Here are seven ideas to try at home!

1. Home Garden

If you want to make a green corner in your living room with low-maintenance plants or succulents, planting them in mason jars is just the perfect way to add character and efficiency to your place. What’s more, this is the perfect gift for garden lovers, so make sure to add it to your present ideas list.

2. Beauty Dispenser

Mason jars used as beauty dispensers

When you’re looking to add shabby chic to your bathroom or bedroom, using a mason jar to keep your lotions and soaps is a smart and pretty cute idea. Pinterest is full of ideas on how to make this happen.

3. Herb Holders

Mason jars used as herb holders

Aside from planting succulent plants, you can also use mason jars to store fresh or dried herbs. It’s an awesome way to bring the outdoors inside. It will literally spice up your cooking, too.

4. Mason Jar Lantern

Mason jar lanterns

This requires a few extra supplies aside from the jar, but the result is an easy DIY home decoration you can use for your tables, corners, balcony, and garden. You’ll need a light bulb and a shade holder, among other hardware supplies to make this happen.

5. Cocktail Glasses

Cocktails poured in mason jars

Nothing is quite as boho and chic as drinking a refreshing cocktail out of a mason jar. You can enjoy a freshly made lemonade in them as well. Who said you need to invest in new glasses when you have the perfect solution right there?

6. Colored Vases

Blue mason jars used as vases

Even if you don’t have colored mason jars at home, you can use regular ones as vases. It will add a touch of beauty and effortless chic to your interior. Why not the exterior as well? Pro tip: you can use gloss finish to dye your own mason jar.

7. Mason Jar Candleholders

Mason jar candleholders

Okay, candle lovers, rejoice! You can breathe new life into your old mason jars by repurposing them as candleholders. Because of their shape and design — engraved lettering — they will disperse the light from the candles in unique and beautiful ways. You simply must try it out!