Stocking a Pantry — How to Do it to Make Preparing Meals Easy

A fully-stocked pantry seems like a dream, but keeping it stocked with all the items you need in order to make preparing meals easy can be difficult.

An organized and well-stocked pantry

A Stocked and Organized Pantry

The key to maintaining a pantry is to keep it simple and stock up on versatile items. This way, you can enjoy them as a snack or use them to prepare a meal. Here are some items that you will want to keep stocked in your pantry…

Peanut Butter

Keeping peanut butter in your pantry can make it easy to put together snacks and lunches. It’s full of healthy fats and protein. There are many recipes out there that call for peanut butter.


Cheap to purchase, quick to prepare, and it is the entire meal. It’s a pantry staple you can’t leave out.


Beans are a great source of protein and are packed with fiber. There are numerous ways to make them into snacks and meals.

Canned Tomatoes

Another versatile pantry staple that can enhance a pasta dish or be used to make some homemade salsa. You can experiment with different flavors so that you never get bored with the same taste.


Keeping brown rice or quinoa in your pantry can help create a hearty base for dinners. They can be eaten plain or used to dress up other meals.

A pantry with jars of pasta, cereal, and spices

Olive Oil

You can use olive oil for cooking your favorite dish or as a salad dressing and even as a marinade.

Trail Mix

Whenever you have a sweet tooth but want to stay on the healthier side, reaching for some trail mix is ideal for kids and adults.

Flour and Sugar

Having these two ingredients in your pantry can make baking easy. It can also encourage family time as everyone gathers in the kitchen to bake.