These Delicious Recipes Have Toast as Their Main Ingredient

It’s time to break the most common myth that bread is only for breakfast. Some of the most delicious recipes prove that toast is a whole meal, suitable for any time of the day. With the right ingredients, anything is possible; a simple toast can be turned into a flashy dish and viola! The party food is ready.

Parmesan Cheese Egg Toast

Here’s a yummy and quick recipe for breakfast. All that’s needed is some cheese, an egg, butter, and a bread slice. Take a non-stick pan, and melt some butter and cheese in it. Cut a hole in the bread and put it in the pan over the cheese. Once it turns light brown and crispy, turn it over and put the egg in the middle. Let it cook for a while, and breakfast is all set!

The Italian Lunch Toast

For all Burrata cheese lovers, this one’s for you. With a few steps, you can have a toasty and tasty lunch ready. Take a big scoop of Burrata and spread it nicely and evenly on the bread; add some cherry tomatoes on top, drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on it and plate it. Make sure the cherry tomatoes are nicely boiled for five minutes before use. In case one doesn’t have Burrata in the house, don’t worry, mozzarella can be used instead.

A Little French Twist

With a slice of bread, brie, prosciutto, an apple, and honey, you can bring France to your kitchen. Wouldn’t it be great if one could have their favorite cuisine at home and save some money too? Well, there’s a solution; all it needs are a few things. Cook the slice on medium flame until it’s slightly brown, put slices of cheese, apples, and fresh and thinly cut prosciutto, and pour honey on the toast. One can use blueberries or any other fruit of their choice if they’re not an apple fan.

The Perfect Breakfast Dessert

This dessert idea is simple to make but still so delicious that you’ll definitely come back for seconds. This quick dessert can be whipped up at any moment, whether you’re at home alone or hosting some friends. For this, take a slice of toast and cover it with Nutella spread. Add a few pieces of bananas on top and add some bacon. The last step is to drizzle the maple syrup on it, and the dessert is ready to be devoured! One can use any other sweet spread of their choice, but for chocolate lovers, Nutella is the best choice.

Gavin Rossdale on the Challenges of Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani

The pandemic has made us question many of the things we do, including cutting down on those we don’t necessarily have to do. But, can you deny a parent the right to see their kids? That was the real ‘dilemma’ that musician Gavin Rossdale and ex-wife Gwen Stefani had to solve during the outbreak.

Gavin Rossdale in front of a microphone
Gavin Rossdale on the Challenges of Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani

The Parents of 3 Had to Shift Their Custody Schedule

During a recent appearance on “Trunk Nation,” Gavin discussed how he and Gwen are managing the unprecedented situation of co-parenting in these testing times. Their three kids — Kingston (13), Zuma (11), and Apollo (6) — used to spend time with the Bush singer “every five days or so.” But now, the parents have decided on longer stays with each of them.

Gavin Rossdale pictured with his three children in front of his house
Gavin Rossdale on the Challenges of Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani

Gavin Rossdale on Post-Divorce Co-Parenting

The kids stayed with Gavin for the first two weeks of the health crisis, and then they went to Oklahoma to stay with their mother and her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, on their 10,000-acre ranch. This back and forth shuffling has really made it harder for all divorced parents who, like Gavin and Gwen, have to manage exposure to the virus and ensuring the kids spend time with both parents.

Gavin Rossdale pictured with now ex-wife Gwen Stefani during an event
Gavin Rossdale on the Challenges of Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani

Gavin says that the main problem comes from not knowing who will bring the virus. When he’s at home, isolating and not meeting people, he knows that no one’s bringing him trouble. But when you send the kids to someone else, and then they come back to you, then it’s tough to tell if they haven’t caught anything along the way. The solution he and Stefani have come up with is more FaceTime, so Rossdale can keep in touch with his kids.

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani split in 2015 after almost 13 years of marriage. The two have tried to keep things civil and are trying to be good parents despite being divorced.