Mom Updates Food Pyramid With Food Her Kids Eat Willingly

If you have kids, you’ll know that they are pretty fussy in terms of what they will and won’t eat. No matter how many times you try to conceal fruits and vegetables within soups, burgers, and even fries, there’s no getting around their sneaky minds. They know exactly when you’re trying to trick them, and they soon go back to their old ways. Because of this, it’s fair to say that the normal food pyramid goes out of the window…


Creating a Blog

One mom has realized through experience that kids are picky eaters, as she has tried countless times to get her children to eat a healthy and balanced diet. With three children aged 6, 3, and 1, Kendra Broekhuis has documented her life as a mom through her blog over the years. She has written about the ups and the downs, and many of these ups and downs have involved food. In March 2020, one of her posts went viral when she updated the traditional food pyramid to showcase the only food that her kids would eat.


A Viral Sensation

She added her very own photo to the post, and it quickly went down with a storm with other parents out there. After all, as much as people try to get their kids to eat healthy and nutritious foods, their kids will always go back to tomato sauce, chicken strips, goldfish crackers, butter, and, occasionally, dried fruit.

When asked about her kids, Kendra went into more detail about just how specific her children were in terms of their eating habits. She noted that they once complained about the vegetable stir-fry she made because the vegetables weren’t chopped small enough, and when they refused to eat carrot sticks without them being smothered in ranch dressing.

Most parents can relate to Kendra’s post — when it comes to kids, it’s often a miracle that they eat anything at all.