A Woman Shares the Wisdom Gained From Being a Young Single Mother

Becoming a young single mom is a transition that’s difficult to truly prepare for. In the words of a woman that became a mother at 21, she knew she was about to be a mother but not exactly what that would mean. What she knew was that she loved that baby, but she knew nothing about what was coming on the road ahead. Through her experience, she came to the following conclusions: A Woman Shares the Wisdom Gained From Being a Young Single Mother

Loneliness Is Real for a Single Mom

A young single mom will hardly ever find herself alone — her kids are always around. However, that doesn’t mean that she won’t feel lonely. It’s easy to get tired of being the person showing all the love and care, and never being the one receiving it. That’s why moms need to appreciate themselves and take time for self-care whenever possible. It’s important not to make oneself lonelier by thinking about how two-parent families might be leading better lives. This is sometimes simply not true.

Some Experiences Will Be Missed

In one’s early twenties, one expects to go to college, live with roommates, find a career path, and through all of that, make lasting friendships. However, if one becomes a mother at a young age, her early 20s likely won’t go quite like that. Friends might start becoming more distant. But that’s alright, as you’ll make new friends with moms who know what you’re going through. A single mom is likely to work different types of jobs to keep food on the table and leave a career path for a later time when the kids are grown.

It’s Not True That the Old Self Gets Forgotten

People often say that, once you become a mother, you can’t go back to the person you were before. In this mom’s experience, that’s not true. The voice of that young woman with interests, goals, and dreams might get quieter for a time, but the moment the kids are grown, she emerges again. A still young, brave, and independent woman will get her chance to do all those things she dreamed of before motherhood.

Follow These 5 Tips to Consistently Drink More Water Each Day

male and female drinking water in the parkDo you have a hard time staying hydrated? Even though drinking water is essential, not many people do it enough or as often as they should be. You might be on your 4th cup of coffee for the day before you realize that you have yet to even think about drinking a cup of water. Even if it’s not something you’re fond of, there are ways to drink water that might change your perspective.

Some people are more gadget-friendly, while others might need alarms or reminders. Whether you need to get a new and fancy water bottle to help you start drinking water or set alarms on your phone, there are a few different options that you can choose from. Here are some tips to consistently drink more water each day.

1. Add Some Fruit to Your Water

Fruit pieces in water jars If you’re not a fan of drinking plain old water, try adding your favorite fruit to it. Whether it’s mint leaves, strawberries, blueberries, mint leaves, or watermelon slices, the options are endless. All you have to do is toss them into your bottle of water and allow the flavors of the fruit to enhance your water as they sit.

2. French Press Your Infused Water

French pressing infused water You might be interested in the whole fruit and water situation, but you might not like the part where the blueberries and other fruit hit your nose as you try to drink. People recommend using a french press to infuse your water with the fruit. This will extract the flavor from the fruit, infuse your water, and leave you with no floating fruit. Let it steep for a few hours and press away.

3. Get a Water Bottle that Will Remind You

Customized water bottles There are tons of water bottles out there that can help you keep track of how much water you’re drinking and how often. Fill one of these water bottles in the morning and keep up with the drinking based on the markings on the bottle. There are larger and smaller bottles out there for you to choose from.

4. Set Reminders

Water-drinking app reminder If you’re having a tough time staying hydrated, try setting up some reminders throughout the day on your phone. You can also put notes on your laptop or around your home. A simple notification that tells you to refill your glass can go a long way.

5. Hold Your Friends Accountable

Friends toasting with water What better way to consistently drink more water than drinking with a friend? Hold your friends accountable and have them do the same with you. Send each other text reminders to drink more and stay hydrated.