3 Meaningful Ways for Parents to Support Their LGBTQ Child

Despite the tremendous strides toward acceptance of the global LGBTQ community, coming out, especially to their parents, is still a challenge for many young men and women around the world.

3 Meaningful Ways for Parents to Support Their LGBTQ ChildParents play a vital role in their child’s coming out story, and their reaction to the news can make a world of difference. Whether they admit it or not, kids need their parents’ support and this is an opportunity for moms and dads to show their children that no matter what, they have their back.

Here are three meaningful ways for parents to support their kids when they choose to come out.

1. Offer Vocal Support for the LGBTQ Community

Mom Supporting LGBTQ SonWhether wearing a Pride-themed shirt, providing positive feedback about a queer character on a popular show, or attending a local Pride march, demonstrating support to the LGBTQ community is perhaps the most effective way for parents to show their kids that they are accepted for who they are.

2. Be Patient And Show Love

Some parents notice the signs and understand that their child is different. However, they shouldn’t out their kids. Everyone operates at a different speed, meaning some boys and girls take longer to fully understand their sexuality. While waiting for them to come out, parents should listen to their children, participate and take an interest in the things they like, and last but not least, show unconditional love.

3. Set Aside Preconceived Wants and Desires

Happy family talking in a living room at homeThe moment a child is born, its parents instantly start envisioning a future for them. They discuss their potential hobbies, professions, partners, etc. When the time comes and everything is out in the open, fathers and mothers should have the ability, strength, and composure to understand and accept that their kids will take their own path and not the one that they have imagined for them.

The LGBTQ community still has a lot of challenges to overcome, which is why parents should do their best to not make the task even harder for their kids.

9 Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

Unless you got rid of your coffee table to start a living room revolution, there’s a chance it’s one of the most important pieces in your space. The coffee table in your living room is so much more than a surface to kick up your feet or place a glass of wine. It is the focal point of the room, and it acts as an anchor for your armchairs, ottomans, and sofas. So, are you looking to make a change to your living room? Whether you are a minimalist, a maximalist, or somewhere in between, you will find the following coffee table styling ideas great for making your space more Instagram worthy!

Make it Seasonal

White coffee table with decorations
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

Do you like changing the throw pillows on your sofa from season to season? If yes, then you should know that you could apply the same approach to your coffee table. Arrange some seasonally appropriate flowers, add candles, a few books, and voila!

Use a Two-Tiered Table

A two-tiered coffee table
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

You can show off your creativity by arranging your two-tiered coffee table with a few favorite pieces of décor. If the tiers are made of glass just like on the image above, you will be able to play with colors, different accessories, books, and more. The possibilities are simply endless.

Throw in a Fruit Bowl

Fruit bowl on a table
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

You will never forget your daily serving of fruit if you place a bowl of it right on your coffee table. Moreover, it’ll add a colorful fun touch to your home décor, as well as make it feel cozier.

Try a Tray

Tray on top of a table
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

Are you seeking an innovative way to bring some glamour to your living room? Place flashy art objects on the lower level of a clear, two-tiered coffee table to make a statement! Thus, you won’t occupy too much surface space and will also create a neat and polished look. Even if you’re looking for a spot to put the TV remotes, a beautiful and stylish tray is everything you need. The best part — you can choose between trays made of wood, metal, stone, and other materials. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

Create Varying Heights

An arranged coffee table with bowls, flowers, and other different in height items
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

Because tabletops and trays are horizontal, playing with the height of your accent pieces will spice things up. You can use a tall orchid and a few tapered candles to create a different look.

Include Natural Elements

Coffee table with flowers and natural elements
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

Nothing brings bohemian charm to a room like natural accents. Adorn the table in your living room with organic elements — like crystal stones and houseplants to usher in some earthy vibes. It is known that living plants create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, and some even keep the air clean!

Bring the Outdoors In

Wooden table arranged with pots and flowers
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

Simply showcasing trinkets that remind you of your outdoor hobbies — such as gardening or going to the beach — will bring you joy every time you see them indoors.

Experiment With Vintage

Vintage coffee tables arranged with cupcakes
Nine Super Easy Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

If you have found a unique vintage coffee table or a vase at your local flea market, make sure you show it off in your living room.

Display Collectibles on Your Coffee Table

Table arranged with a collection of books
Nine Super Easy Coffee Table Styling Tricks to Try Now

One great way to showcase your design aesthetic is by displaying your favorite collectibles on the coffee table in your living room.