Adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Parents to Make With Their Kids

Ask any teacher or educator, and all of them will tell you that Valentine’s Day is a super fun and enjoyable holiday. It’s the perfect time for parents and children to let loose their imagination and create amazing crafts that feature red, white, and pink holiday cheer.

Adorable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Parents to Make With Their Kids

Here are several cute Valentine’s Day crafts that kids will love creating with their parents.

1. Heart-Shaped Rag Wreath

Create a soft statement piece that screams “I love you!” by wrapping strips of soft flannel around a heart-shaped foam wreath. This simple yet stylish piece can be used as an ornament to create a loving atmosphere or as a gift for a special friend. It’s also easy and cheap to make, which means that parents and kids will have a fun bonding time.

2. Tie Dye T-Shirt and Gym Bag

This do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day craft is a bit more challenging but also very fun to make. Start by washing a 100% cotton gym bag and t-shirt. While both are still damp, fold them in half and use a chalk pencil to draw a large heart that starts and ends at the fold. Then, pleat the shirt and bag and use a zip tie to hold the pleats together. Create as many pleats as you like before squeezing different dyes on both items. Allow the gym bag and t-shirt to try before removing the ties.

3. Paper Airplane Love Notes

Take an aerial approach when writing your Valentine a letter. Grab a piece of paper and transfer your thoughts by using a pencil. Once the note was been written, fold the paper to create a plane by using a tutorial on YouTube. Parents can also purchase pre-designed and written paper airplanes in case they aren’t confident in their folding skills.

4. Valentine’s Day Sneakers

Parents can surprise their children by helping them create customized Valentine’s Day sneakers with interesting patterns and colorful fabric laces. Buy plain white fabric sneakers and use pencils and markers to draw and color hearts, flowers, candies, bows, etc. Allow the drawings to dry before lacing the laces.

5. Colored Pencil Vase

Craft an elegant and eye-catching vase by using colored pencils. Hot-glue each pencil to the glass of a jar and let the pencils set in place. Then, tie a bow at the bottom or top of the vase, and allow children to fill with their favorite blossoms.

Spending the day crafting interesting and colorful gifts with children is undoubtedly an excellent and memorable way for parents to spend Valentine’s Day.