Tyler Perry Helped Atlanta Families in Need on Thanksgiving

The acclaimed producer and writer, Tyler Perry, gave away 5,000 meals for Thanksgiving to Atlanta families in need. This was his way of giving back to the community, and it helped out a lot of people put dinner on the table, especially on the day where it’s most important.

Tyler Perry on the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Tyler Perry is Helping Atlanta Families in Need on Thanksgiving

Perry had a rags-to-riches story that inspired many others. He’s known for giving back in many ways, but this weekend it was through this major act of kindness. Tyler Perry Studios was opened for 4 hours and spread happiness to families for Thanksgiving.

The 51-year-old billionaire personally funded the event and had his studio employees hand out goods for the families to take home.

Tyler Perry Consistently Giving Back

According to People, Tyler Perry was heartbroken after he saw how many people all over the country were lining up for several hours to get food. He knows he can’t feed the whole country, which is why he decided to start in Atlanta. Perry is hopeful that this will encourage others that can give back to do so during this holiday season since it’s been a difficult year for many.

Perry and his crew abided by the safety protocols in place and set up the event in a socially-distanced manner, using a drive-thru process. Aside from serving food, they also gave out a combination of food boxes and gift cards to Kroger, which is a local supermarket chain.

A Generous Celebrity

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry is Helping Atlanta Families in Need on Thanksgiving

For Tyler Perry, the charitable drive in Atlanta was not his first time giving back to his community. Back in July, Perry donated 1,000 gift cards to families that were affected by the global pandemic.

He’s famous for much more than his producing and writing. He’s also known for his advocacies as he’s offered to support many less fortunate families in the past. Tyler Perry offered to pay the funeral costs of 8-year-old Secoria Turner who was killed in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s even covered funeral expenses for Racial Brooks, who was a victim of police brutality.