Top Films to Watch With Your Kids for a Great 2023 Oscars Preview

There’s no shortage of excitement for the biggest film award show. You can even have a great family movie night or two to prepare for the event, even with your young ones. Here are a few stellar contenders that’ll make a great family watch, leaving you more hopeful for them to make their Oscars sweeps this year.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (PG)

It’s all about the shell that shook the world! This comedy-drama is based on YouTube videos that have garnered more than 33 million views. Creators Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Camp released the video in 2010. It tells the story of a tiny shell with a big heart. With its fanciful, imaginative, and artistic storytelling, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On has won over both critics and audiences, securing a Best Animated Feature nomination at the Oscars.

Turning Red (PG)

Turning Red is a groundbreaking nominee in the Best Animated Film Category at the Oscars 2023. Created by Domee Shi, the story follows a Chinese Canadian girl of age 13 who is suddenly transformed into a giant red panda one night. With metaphors for puberty and the resultant uncontrollable biological and emotional changes, the film tells some important issues. This universally relatable story is a fun family watch.

The Elephant Whisperers (PG)

This heartfelt documentary from Netflix centers on a Tamil couple based in South India who adopts and cares for orphaned baby elephants. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, The Elephant Whisperers runs for 40 minutes and also features a fun Hindu festival celebration and a sweet wedding ceremony participated by elephants. This Best Documentary Short nominee at Oscars 2023 is a must-watch for nature and animal-loving kids.

The Sea Beast (PG)

To get the best sense of this Best Animated Film nominee at the Oscars, think How to Train Your Dragon meets Moana! With captivating visual effects and fun storytelling, the movie tells the endearing story of a young orphan girl who befriends a sea monster-hunter and joins his monster-hunting team, despite all odds. The most-watched animated film ever on Netflix, The Sea Beast scored over 165 million global viewing hours just within the first month of its release.

The Fabelmans (PG-13)

Directed by the legendary director Stephen Spielberg, this coming-of-age drama is a true gem. This semi-autobiographical fiction centers around the childhood memories of Spielberg. The film tells the story of a boy Sammy Fabelman, living in Arizona during the 1950s, and his passion for filmmaking, which he used to process his family’s struggles. The Fabelmans has earned eight nominations at the Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Michelle Williams.

Elvis (PG-13)

Thanks to all the buzz and big award-winnings, this film hardly needs any introduction. Coming from The Great Gatsby-famed Baz Luhrmann, the music and style alone of this ‘bio-epic’ film are jaw-dropping enough to make your teens hooked, even if they’re not into rock-n-roll. Rich in History, Elvis highlights the turbulent journey of “The King of Rock,” Elvis Presley, captivatingly portrayed by Austin Butler. It’s another film that made eight nominations at the Oscars.