5 Frightening Symptoms in Infants That Are Actually Normal

It’s common for new parents to make a frantic call to their pediatricians when they find out about new symptoms in their infants. While these irregular symptoms sometimes can call for true emergencies, surprisingly, many of them aren’t at all dangerous. Rapidly changing hormones and physical immaturity can make a newborn’s body react in many unpredictable ways. Here are a few scary-looking but normal baby symptoms to put your mind at ease.

Twitching During Sleep

Twitching During Sleep

If your baby twitches or jerks during sleep, even uncontrollably, it’s totally harmless if it stops instantly when the baby awakes. According to pediatricians, these seizure-like symptoms are a harmless phenomenon named benign sleep myoclonus. Pediatric neurologist Dr. Michael Zimbric explains that the immature nervous systems in babies make their movements even more uncoordinated during sleep, but it’s entirely harmless.

Abnormal Breathing and Stuffy Nose

We always link symptoms like a stuffy nose or abnormal breathing with a cold. But in the case of infants, congested sound and breathing is a normal form of stuffiness, which is caused by the estrogen hormone stimulating the nasal passages. This condition usually subsides within two months, whether the baby is formula-fed or breastfed. By six months, a baby’s nasal passages double in size, alleviating the stuffiness.

Mildly Erratic Breathing

Symptoms during sleep like intermittent or mild erratic breathing in a baby can look alarming. But in reality, irregular or periodic breathing is quite common in infants. As pediatricians explain, babies generally breathe faster, as they have smaller lungs compared to their bodies. They also have underdeveloped chemical sensors that detect CO2 in our bodies. So, sometimes they pause breathing until the CO2 levels are high enough to trigger those sensors to work.

Chest Lumps

If you ever notice a warm red lump on the chest of your newborn baby, don’t panic! Symptoms like chest lumps can form in both infant boys and girls and are caused by estrogen. The excess estrogen level falls in a baby after birth, making the milk-producing hormone prolactin increase temporarily. This results in mild breast growth, often on just one side, in at least 50% of healthy newborns. It vanishes within the first month or lasts for three months.

Orange-Hued Skin

Orange-Hued Skin

If your baby’s skin suddenly turns orange-shaded, it’s a common phenomenon named carotenemia, which doesn’t affect adults. This is caused by eating a lot of beta-carotene-rich veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes, mashed or pureed. It also comes with several non-orange veggies like broccoli and spinach. The color will fade as your baby’s diet changes.

6 Creative Ways to Prepare a Bento Lunch Box for a Child

6 Creative Ways to Prepare a Bento Lunch Box for a ChildA bento box is a Japanese-style lunch box that is reusable. The bento box covers all the essential food groups, such as fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy, and meat – to ensure a well-balanced meal. If your child is a picky eater or you want to find a new and creative way to make them look forward to school, prepare a bento box lunch box for them. Here are eight fun and tasty ideas for boxed lunches that are also simple to pack up.

#1. Smiley Lunch Bento Lunch Box

Opening a box to find a meal smiling at them will brighten up any kid’s day. You can make thе smiling lunch by drawing eyes using a food-safe marker and then making wedge-shaped cuts in a hard-boiled egg and several rainbow carrots. To complete the crew, you can add googly eye toothpicks to grape tomatoes and a sandwich. Just make sure your kid knows that toothpicks are not for eating.

#2. Summer Sun

Prepare this summery lunch by filling the bento lunch box with delicious warm-weather fruits and vegetables—nectarines, cucumbers, snap peas, and strawberries. Complete with some deli ham spirals and a slice of hearty bread topped with sunny cheese cut-outs.

#3. A Box of Many Bites

Start with a multi-compartment bento lunch box. After that, add soppressata salami, pretzel crackers, crunchy veggies, dried mango strips, and berries.

#4. Breakfast Bento

You can try packing breakfast for lunch. This box is prepared for a preschooler and contains a couple of pancakes cut in half and stacked on top of each other, a small amount of syrup, chicken apple sausage chunks, and blueberries in a heart-shaped silicone cup. For an older child, you can add larger portions.

#5. Monster-Filled Lunch

To make this lunch box idea, you need some icing googly eyes and some quick cuts with a paring knife. Create the red monster by cutting a big chunk of apple to fit the lunch box. Cut the chunk into pieces, applying a zigzag pattern, and paste the eyes, using cream cheese, peanut butter, or honey. As for the meatballs – all you have to do is add the eyes.

#6. Snack Supreme

It may be fun to use cookie cutters and other bento tools. However, you don’t need a lot of gear to pack a beautiful lunch box. The key to a beautiful bento is plenty of colors. For this version of a grocery store snack box, pack fans of crackers, salami and gouda cheese slices, rainbow carrot coins, two kinds of berries, and a couple of small cookies.