Switzerland and UK Ranked Among Worst Countries for Families

If you have children, there’s a high chance that you want to give your family the best chances in life. You want to ensure that they are happy and well educated, and you also want to make sure that your family as a whole is supported through pregnancy, maternity leave, education, healthcare, and more. Well, there may be bad news for those living in Switzerland and the UK, as these two countries have been ranked among the worst countries for families.

Switzerland and UK Ranked Among Worst Countries for Families

The Family Report

So, where has this information come from? These rankings have come from a report created as part of the UNICEF Early Moments Matter campaign, where they used data from countless countries around the world in terms of their national policies for families. This included various rules and regulations surrounding parents and children, including paid parental leave, alongside the accessibility of childcare services before school age. 

The Best and Worst

Topping the charts as the best countries in the world for families were Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, and it was deemed that these offered almost everything that families could want to thrive. On the opposite side of the data table, however, were the worst four. Switzerland was the worst of the lot, quickly followed by Greece and Cyprus, with the United Kingdom coming in as the fourth worst country in the world for families.

Switzerland and UK Ranked Among Worst Countries for Families

However, it’s important to realize that these aren’t the final results. There are many factors that go into making a country family-friendly, and while some excel in parental leave, they also failed in terms of accessible childcare. Overall, UNICEF noted that most countries had “room for improvement.”

While it’s important to know that the country you live in is beneficial for families, it’s also important to remember that there are so many factors involved in making this decision.