3 Signs of Toxic Parenting and How to Remedy the Situation

3 Signs of Toxic Parenting and How to Remedy the SituationMost parents aren’t intentionally toxic. Rather, the way they were raised, their relationships with others, and their own temperament can be the cause of a troublesome dynamic with their children. Knowing how to recognize parenting red flags can make the difference between being a great mom or dad and a bad one.

Here are three signs of toxic parenting:

1. Comparing Children – Respect Their Individuality

 Comparing ChildrenAdults don’t like being compared with one another so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that children dislike it too. Comparing kids with their siblings or other children can seriously harm their self-esteem, which can haunt them throughout their adulthood. Kids are supposed to be different, they are individuals, and have their own qualifications and flaws.

2. Shutting Kids Down – Be Open For Dialog

Shutting Kids Down Despite their young age, children have their own worries and problems. Instead of downsizing their issues, parents should be open to discussions and ready to provide them with guidance. Turning kids down will not only cause unnecessary stress but can also create a rift with their parents. It will give them the feeling that they cannot rely on their parents or openly talk about their feelings or problems. This is highly toxic behavior that can negatively impact relationships, as well as create long-term trust issues.

3. Punishment is Toxic – Always Choose to Teach

Child in naughty corner, being bullied, having time out or having a tantrum.Kids should know that their actions have consequences. They should experience accountability when they misbehave, but discipline should never shift from a teaching moment to a punishing moment, especially if that punishment can cause psychological or physical harm, as well as shame and embarrassment. Everybody makes mistakes and deserves a chance to learn from them.

It’s impossible to be a perfect parent at all times and in every situation, but making the effort to cleanse toxic habits is surely a sign of good and proper parenting!