This 5-Year-Old Sent Peppa Pig on a Vacation With Grandpa

Peppa Pig’s Vacation

An endearing incident took place in Sacramento when Lisette, a 5-year-old girl, put her Peppa Pig figurines in her grandfather’s suitcase just before he took off for Cabo. While this was wholesome in itself, the resultant viral series of TikToks that her grandfather, David Zielke, created made this story even cuter. Revealing this heartwarming story on TikTok, Lisette’s aunt and David’s daughter, Tanya, posted a TikTok some days later.

Peppa Pigs’ Adventures

Peppa Pigs’ Adventures

In these video clips, the four miniature dolls were seen everywhere with him on his 10-day getaway. David showed the figurines sunbathing, swimming, and eating like royalty at a resort restaurant. The multiple clip series, totaling a duration of six minutes, also showed the figurines with him drinking, chilling near the pool, and going whale watching. When the clips were shown on TV at home, Tanya again took to recording the adorable reactions. In her video, Lisette and her brother are seen with Zielke. In the voiceover in the video, David was heard saying “You were in my heart the whole time we were gone. Thanks to your little toys. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. This is a souvenir for you that you’ll be able to look back on, maybe long after I’m gone. It’s just a little sign of love that I have for you and your little brother.”

Captivating the Internet

Naturally, this story took the internet by storm. With nearly 20 thousand views on YouTube, the comments included people gushing over how cute the videos were, with some even calling for the Peppa Pig creators to look at it! People added that they smiled throughout the video, praising the narration and the creativity of the grandpa. One user also stated that the video took him back to the time he used to spend with his own grandparents, and how they truly are a blessing in everybody’s life.

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