These 3 Options for Kids’ Face Masks Prevent Foggy Glasses

These 3 Options for Kids’ Face Masks Prevent Foggy GlassesAfter officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed national health standards to once again encourage masks in public, parents are faced with the reality of sending their children to school wearing a face mask for another year. Families in cities throughout California, Nevada, and Massachusetts, among others, may already be seeing local health boards reinstate face masks restrictions as a result of this modification, according to ABC News.

Even if your child is old enough to be vaccinated, face masks will almost certainly be required at school to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Children who wear prescription glasses or other eyewear during the school day are likely to have had their lenses fogged by warm breath while wearing a mask — but, short of switching to contact lenses, finding a long-term solution to prevent foggy glasses for your child often necessitates a second look at their mask.

Experts test surgical and cloth-based face masks regularly to assess how well they hold up in real-world situations after several hours of use. They also work with tester panels to put masks to the test in real-world situations. While they haven’t specifically evaluated each item on the list to determine how it interacts with bifocal lenses, they have chosen products that follow current CDC construction guidelines for children and young people.

#1. Face Masks, 100-Pack, Best Disposable Face Mask for Kids with Glasses

 Face Masks, 100-Pack, Best Disposable Face Mask for Kids with GlassesThese surgical face masks are meant to fit securely on the face, with a tri-fold front that keeps comfort in mind. They’re a terrific alternative for any child with a busy extracurricular schedule. The second inner nonwoven layer of the mask works throughout the day to absorb excess moisture, keeping heated breath away from the lenses just above the mask’s nasal bridge clamp. These are rated for ASTM Level 3 Classification, and the manufacturer offers them in bulk for larger families.

#2. Child’s Pro Mask, Best Reusable Mask for Kids with Glasses

Child’s Pro Mask, Best Reusable Mask for Kids with GlassesThese face masks have been created with safety in mind, with a built-in nanofiber membrane filter that claims to guard against 99.9% of dangerous pollutants and virus particles for those who desire it. The mask’s unusual convex shape keeps it up and away from your mouth, which reduces muffling and condensation build-up. These have adjustable ear straps for proper fit. The manufacturer offers 4 sizes that are available for larger heads.

#3. 3-Layer Disposable Kids’ Face Mask, 50-Pack, Best Value Face Mask for Kids with Glasses

3-Layer Disposable Kids' Face Mask, 50-Pack, Best Value Face Mask for Kids with GlassesThis polypropylene-based surgical mask was designed and manufactured in the United States and is disposable after one day of use at school. Packing multiple masks in your child’s school bag helps guarantee that they have fresh coverage throughout the day; if masks grow damp from condensation, a child can change them in the restroom, during recess, or between classes.

6 Creative Ways to Prepare a Bento Lunch Box for a Child

6 Creative Ways to Prepare a Bento Lunch Box for a ChildA bento box is a Japanese-style lunch box that is reusable. The bento box covers all the essential food groups, such as fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy, and meat – to ensure a well-balanced meal. If your child is a picky eater or you want to find a new and creative way to make them look forward to school, prepare a bento box lunch box for them. Here are eight fun and tasty ideas for boxed lunches that are also simple to pack up.

#1. Smiley Lunch Bento Lunch Box

Opening a box to find a meal smiling at them will brighten up any kid’s day. You can make thе smiling lunch by drawing eyes using a food-safe marker and then making wedge-shaped cuts in a hard-boiled egg and several rainbow carrots. To complete the crew, you can add googly eye toothpicks to grape tomatoes and a sandwich. Just make sure your kid knows that toothpicks are not for eating.

#2. Summer Sun

Prepare this summery lunch by filling the bento lunch box with delicious warm-weather fruits and vegetables—nectarines, cucumbers, snap peas, and strawberries. Complete with some deli ham spirals and a slice of hearty bread topped with sunny cheese cut-outs.

#3. A Box of Many Bites

Start with a multi-compartment bento lunch box. After that, add soppressata salami, pretzel crackers, crunchy veggies, dried mango strips, and berries.

#4. Breakfast Bento

You can try packing breakfast for lunch. This box is prepared for a preschooler and contains a couple of pancakes cut in half and stacked on top of each other, a small amount of syrup, chicken apple sausage chunks, and blueberries in a heart-shaped silicone cup. For an older child, you can add larger portions.

#5. Monster-Filled Lunch

To make this lunch box idea, you need some icing googly eyes and some quick cuts with a paring knife. Create the red monster by cutting a big chunk of apple to fit the lunch box. Cut the chunk into pieces, applying a zigzag pattern, and paste the eyes, using cream cheese, peanut butter, or honey. As for the meatballs – all you have to do is add the eyes.

#6. Snack Supreme

It may be fun to use cookie cutters and other bento tools. However, you don’t need a lot of gear to pack a beautiful lunch box. The key to a beautiful bento is plenty of colors. For this version of a grocery store snack box, pack fans of crackers, salami and gouda cheese slices, rainbow carrot coins, two kinds of berries, and a couple of small cookies.