The Best Kids’ Movies of 2024

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It can be hard to find a movie that’s appropriate for the whole family. You want something that will be entertaining for the older family members, but still suitable for younger children, which can be a tough line to toe. Not to worry — we’ve compiled a list of all the family-friendly movies that are coming out in 2024!

Fun for Everyone

Early 2024 saw Soul reach theaters. Although this movie was released in 2020, it never had a theatrical release — until now. This film is perfect for the whole family, but be warned that it will lead to questions about loss. Next up is Orion and the Dark, which teaches kids about overcoming fears. Keep in mind that, given the plot, there may be some scary moments. Tiger’s Apprentice is more action-oriented, which adventurous children will love! It does have some very light violence, though. Turning Red is perfect for girls reaching adolescence, as it covers a lot of issues they’ll encounter at that time.

Movies We Can’t Wait to See

Kung Fu Panda 4 is just like the first few movies in the series. Meaning, it has some violence, but is overall great fun! Luca is mostly just silly but in a harmless way. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is perfect for kids who aren’t scared of the paranormal. If tells the story of imaginary friends, making it perfect for kids. And it stars Ryan Reynolds, making it perfect for parents.

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The Garfield Movie will bring parents nostalgia while entertaining children. Inside Out 2 will show Riley going through the emotions puberty brings. You really can’t go wrong with any of these family-friendly films!

4 Signs Your Partner Is Getting Bored With You

The excitement of the honeymoon phase starts to wear off in a few months or years in most relationships. Gradually, it leaves you to wonder if your partner is getting bored with you or if you are starting to feel the same yourself. Getting ahead of such issues is highly necessary before it gets to a point that’s beyond repair. Here are a few signs that indicate at least one of the couple is bored with their relationship, and the starting steps to rectify the problem.

Initiating the Conversation

A one-sided conversation is a sign that is easy to miss. While you believe that you’re having conversations with your partner, you’re missing the point that every time, you’re the one who is initiating the conversation. In such cases, it’s better to stop opening the conversations and notice if your partner is willing to make the effort. If your partner constantly gets bored and lacks the interest to start a conversation with you, it’s better to talk about it after a few times.

Being on the Phone Always

We tend to get distracted easily when we get bored. Our phones are the one thing we fall back on to get ourselves distracted. So, it should come as no surprise that if your partner is always busy with their cell, even while with you, they might be bored in your relationship. Your partner scrolling on the phone even during personal time like a dinner or movie date, means they’re not present with you at the moment emotionally. Try playing a game instead to make a good start.

Getting Frustrated Easily

All couples get frustrated with their respective partners occasionally. But, when it becomes frequent and for relatively insignificant issues, it’s an alarming sign. According to professional mental health counselors, when we get bored with someone, we generally put up walls, decrease our empathy, and stop being understanding. You can remedy the issue by planning a special activity that could speak to your partner on a deeper level and reignite their interest in you.

Getting Bored Yourself

Oddly enough, if you’re getting bored in your relationship, that could easily indicate that your partner also is feeling the same way. The signs of this may show up in different ways in a particular relationship. Having an honest conversation with your partner regarding the issue is the best remedial start. A couple should make the effort together to assess the cause of their boredom and to find new ways to make their relationship fun and interesting once again.