Five Fun and Easy to Make DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Five Fun and Easy to Make DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for KidsMaking sure that your kid has a great Halloween costume every year is important for their self-esteem and to truly have fun on this holiday. Although store-bought costumes are the fastest solution, they tend to be expensive. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and a few regular household items, a world of DIY costume possibilities will open up. Here are five great examples:

Frankenstein’s Monster or the Bride of Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s Monster or the Bride of Frankenstein A Halloween classic! To make a believable Frankenstein’s monster, all you need is to cut open a milk carton and paint it green to make the shape of his head. Use a burlap potato sack for the shirt and green gardening gloves to complete the outfit. The rest is just a bit of green makeup.

For the Bride of Frankenstein, dress your child in a white long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and craft the overdress using a white curtain panel. The bride’s wig is easily made using polyester fiberfill stuffing, spray adhesive, and black spray paint.

An Adorable Halloween Goldfish

An Adorable Halloween GoldfishThis is a great costume idea for toddlers! It’s cute as a button and incredibly easy to make. Get an orange hoodie that’s oversized for the toddler. Take coffee filters and dye them orange using either spray paint or other effective dyeing options. Attach the filters to the sweatshirt to create scales and add two googly eyes to the hood!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper ShakersIf you have two kids, this is a fun Halloween costume idea for them to enjoy together. Make two piles of packing popcorn and dye one of them black. Dress the kids in a white and a black outfit and cover that with large, seethrough plastic garbage bags. Fill the bags with the packing popcorn. If you have two metal colanders, use those as hats!

A Mad Scientist Costume

A Mad Scientist CostumeFor this simple but effective costume, start with one of dad’s white button-down shirts to represent the lab coat. If you have plastic worms, spiders, frogs, and similar creatures, attach them to the lab coat with hot glue so it looks like they’re crawling out of pockets. A measuring cup and a toy doctor kit with a stethoscope and headband can be excellent props!

A Mesmerizing Jellyfish Costume

A Mesmerizing Jellyfish CostumeSimple but elegant, a jellyfish Halloween costume is sure to earn many candy bars. Start by attaching long strings of ribbon and bubble wrap to the edges of a clear umbrella. A white top and white pants will complement this costume perfectly. If you have some mesh fabric or tulle, bunch it up between umbrella cords and hot glue it to secure.

5 Ideal Movies to Watch On Disney+ With the Family Right Now

Okay, so we’re just gonna go ahead and assume that every single person on this planet has signed up for Disney+. After all, who doesn’t want the entire Disney catalog in the palm of their hands – and on the screens of their televisions? These are the best movies to watch with your family right now, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

5 Ideal Movies to Watch On Disney+ With the Family Right Now

Old Yeller

With a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems as though Old Yeller isn’t rotten in the slightest. Many people aren’t familiar with this 1957 classic, which is why you should definitely add it to your to-do list.

Mary Poppins

Let’s be honest; we probably don’t need to persuade you to watch Mary Poppins. Featuring the legends that are Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, this film features singing, dancing, and adorable penguins in their penguin suits. You know the songs, so why not sing along?

5 Ideal Movies to Watch On Disney+ With the Family Right Now


There’s a high chance that you were scared of this movie when you were younger, so why not revisit it as an adult with your family? Although the story of Pinocchio can be frightening at times, the overarching story is one of adventure and ambition, and it’s really quite wonderful.

Toy Story

You’ve got a friend in Toy Story, after all. This legendary movie has gone down so well with people in the past, and it’s definitely time to introduce your family to it if you haven’t already. Buzz, Woody, and the gang will certainly take you for a wild ride.

5 Ideal Movies to Watch On Disney+ With the Family Right Now

Toy Story 2

Once you’ve watched the first movie, you just have to move on to the second. This film has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, and it seems as though people just can’t get enough of it. This amazing animation has everything you could possibly want in one movie,

So, which one shall we watch first?