Top 3 Easy, Fun, and Creative Crafts Suitable for Children

Are you looking for a few easy, fun, and creative fall activities to attempt with your children and family this year? No need to look further! The season’s vibrant colors, comforting scents, and nostalgia-inducing sounds will inspire you and your children to create something incredibly wonderful, which is why these ideas can get your creative juices flowing. Fall crafts are virtually limitless due to the holidays, particularly Halloween and Thanksgiving. Additionally, they can be used as Halloween mantel decor. Your children will delight in seeing their artwork exhibited as decor in the family or living room for all guests and visitors to view.

Top 3 Easy, Fun, and Creative Crafts Suitable for ChildrenA Variety of Crafts!

From pine cone bunnies to stamped pumpkins to impossible-to-do silhouette art and even Halloween-approved yarn-wrapped mummies, this list has something for every occasion—and every budget. Not only will you and your kids be able to illustrate, trace, stamp, cut, and glue your way through these enjoyable crafts, but you’ll also get to spend some more quality time together, creating lifelong memories. It is ultimately what craftsmanship is all about. Consequently, what are you waiting for? Gather a few pipe cleaners and jars of paint in your favorite autumn hues, and then encourage your children to create crafts and be inspired.

#1. Washi Tape-Covered Pumpkins

Simple and effective, children will enjoy transforming an ordinary pumpkin into a vibrant display. Using lengths of washi tape, completely cover a small or medium pumpkin vertically. Once covered, wrap a piece of twine around the stem’s base, securing it with hot glue.

#2. Rickrack Frankenstein

With rick rack spool bolts, such types of crafts couldn’t possibly be anything but adorable and cuddly. Cut a length of extra-large black rickrack for the pumpkin. Cut a piece of black felt to the same length as the rickrack. Then attach it so that only the bottom “ruffles” are visible. Hair is created by attaching the top of a flat-shaped heirloom pumpkin. For eyes, hot glue two little black buttons to the center of the pumpkin. For the eyebrow, hot glue a strand of thick black cording above the eyes. For the scar and mouth, hot-glue lengths of medium-size black rick rack to the pumpkin. Wrap two wooden spools in a green rickrack. Then secure them with hot glue to the bottom edges of the pumpkin for bolts.

#3. Leaf Place Card

Assisting in the preparation of the Thanksgiving feast can be a special joy for children. It can also be a great way to work on their crafts skills! To create these adorable place cards, send them out into the yard to collect dry leaves and then have them use a paint pen to write the guests’ names on the leaves. Voila!