A Couple Planned to Get Pregnant but Then the World Changed

Roshani Mahadevan Schaefer works as a humanitarian aid consultant, which is a career that requires a lot of international travel. She and her husband have known for years that they wanted to start trying to get pregnant in 2020. Doing so earlier would have been hard as her job requires her to go to refugee camps in Lebanon close to the Syrian border.

A Plan to Get Pregnant

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A Couple Planned to Get Pregnant but Then the World Changed

In 2019, the couple took a step back from their work and went on vacation, visiting almost 40 countries. They hoped to come back after their vacation and get pregnant the following year. Despite the pandemic that was unwinding in the world, they were moving forward with their plan until Roshani’s doctor called.

Doctors were unable to answer questions that many prospective parents had regarding the pandemic as little was known about it at the time.

Her doctor informed her that the couple could still try to get pregnant since they were both working remotely and able to spend most of their time isolating at home.

Roshani’s confidence was shaken when she found out about an infant that was dying in Connecticut because of health concerns that potentially stemmed from the pandemic.

Other Concerns Surrounding a Pregnancy

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A Couple Planned to Get Pregnant but Then the World Changed

Aside from worrying about the pandemic and the effect that it could have on both her and the baby’s health, Roshani was also concerned about the restrictions on hospital visits. She mentioned that being a non-white female, she is worried that she might have to give birth without anyone advocating for her health. This is because there is a higher mortality rate during birth for non-white mothers.

While there are many incentives to waiting to get pregnant, she also knows that there can be problems too, like the time it takes to conceive.

She mentioned that it was a huge roadblock in what they had been planning for a while.