These 5 Ideas Will Help You Build Your Best Blanket Fort Ever

It doesn’t take much to win a kid’s heart! If you’re not the all-time favorite adult for the kids in your life, a blanket fort might help you change that. From simple to elaborate, blanket forts are flexible and versatile, and the easy ones can be popped up within just half an hour. Teens and adults too can enjoy the fun of these fluffy forts for a movie night, slumber night, jamming session, romantic date night, etc. Here are a few great ideas for building a blanket fort to spend some memorable moments.

Easy Blanket Fort

The true brilliance of a blanket fort is that it can be popped up virtually anywhere! A simple bed sheet or blanket draped over a desk or table, or pinned from the ceiling like a triangular tent can do the trick easily! The space under the table or desk should be enough for the height of the occupants! Place a floor mat and scatter a few pillows and cushions to create the perfect nook for drawing, reading, or better yet, scheming!

Whole-room Fort

Using an entire room is possibly the best version of an indoor blanket fort. If you have a moderately de-cluttered room and a camping tent, take an unusual route and pitch the tent in the center of the room. Then decorate the surroundings as you wish. To stay true to the DIY blanket fort theme, hang several blankets and sheets over the walls and across the ceiling. The spacious fort will be perfect to be decorated in any theme of your liking, giving a tent-like vibe.

Corner Fort

The goal of creating a corner blanket fort is to use a corner of the room as two walls for the fort. You’ll just need a big enough room with the right furniture or fixtures like an ottoman or sofa. Hang the sheet or blanket from the highest possible point at a corner of the room and secure the edges by attaching them to high fixtures or shelves. Make the floor cozy for lounging with stuffed toys, fluffy pillows, furry cushions, etc.

Clothesline Fort

Lofting the blankets properly and keeping them secure for a long time are often the main concerns while creating a blanket fort. A sturdy wire or string like yarn or clothesline can come in handy here. Hang the clothesline high across the room and drape sheets or blankets over it. If necessary, secure them with clips. To build a wider blanket fort, weigh down the edges of the fabric far from the cord. You can also use two parallel strings for a spacious and larger fort.