5 Amazing Breeds to Consider When Choosing a New Family Dog

A family enjoying their Golden Retriever dogHaving a family dog can be a very rewarding experience. Children who grow up with pets tend to learn about empathy and taking care of others more easily and quickly. Choosing a new puppy can be difficult because of all the factors one needs to consider in the process. Below are five great breeds that excel in family environments!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever pugsIntelligent, friendly, and very devoted to their humans, Golden Retrievers are a great choice for a family pet. They are medium-sized dogs that tend to be very energetic and active. This means that they require a lot of exercise. They are great with children and get along with other dogs, which is great for families who already have another pet. Golden Retrievers have a life expectancy of around 12 years.

Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland DogThis dog breed is well known for its sweet nature, intelligence, and loyalty. Due to their large size and energy, they need more space than some other breeds, which makes them better suited for families with larger yards. Because of their intelligence, they’re incredibly easy to train and can even help with different tasks and rescue work!


The Beagle is a compact-size dog and its coat is short and easy to groom. That makes them a good choice for families living in apartments or smaller homes. They’re very active so they will need plenty of daily exercise. Friendly and curious, Beagles like to be around other dogs and are great with children. Keep in mind, these dogs like to be vocal so there will be some barking!


A pug
Pugs can easily adapt to either a big home, farm, or small city apartment. They love being around people and their small size makes them easy to situate. Although they’re by no means athletes, they still need some daily exercise. They shed, so weekly brushing is necessary. With proper supervision, they can be around children and other dogs. Keep your pug in good health, and he will be there to regale your family for around 15 years or more.


If your family is very active and loves having adventures together in nature, then a Collie will be the perfect fit. These dogs are very strong, curious, and energetic, so they will leap at the opportunity for good exercise. They are very graceful and respond well to training. After all, this dog breed was created for herding! They have stunning fur but only shed seasonally and need occasional grooming.