Pete Davidson’s Mom Used a Fake Twitter Account to Defend His Social Media Image

Pete Davidson Reveals His Mom Used a Fake Twitter Account to Defend Him Online

Being a public figure is not easy, especially in the digital age we live in. There are fans, yes, but there are a lot of opponents as well. Most often, celebrities come out in public to address issues about themselves if they see the need. However, sometimes, their well-wishers also give them a hand. These include not only fans but also their friends and families. One of the most recent revelations that have come to light is regarding Pete Davidson and how his mother, Amy Davidson, defended him, using a fake Twitter account.

Twitter Defense

On a recent episode of Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers podcast, Pete Davidson, the Saturday Night Live alum revealed to the cohost brothers, Seth and Josh, that his mother has been defending him on social media during his run on the NBC late-night show. However, she attempted, unsuccessfully, to use a fake name. It started when, in the second or third year of the 29-year-old’s run on the show, hateful or simply negative comments began surfacing in huge numbers. At that point, Amy Davidson, his mother, made a fake Twitter account to defend her son. Using the name @JoeSmith1355, she would respond to all these comments.

The Giveaways

The Giveaways

The actor, who was part of SNL from 2014 to 2022, also mentioned that his mother gave such detailed answers about his life that it was easy to figure out her true identity. Saying things like “he’s working on himself,” she was caught off guard due to a simple mistake on her part. While her handle name was @JoeSmith, her profile name, and image showed her clearly to be Amy Davidson. Speaking on the podcast, co-host Seth also reminisced about having met Amy at an afterparty for the show, stating her energy to be very transferable, in case anyone needed any help in any way, shape, or form.

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