James Marsden Shares That His Kids Are Wonderfully Underwhelmed by His Career

James Marsden is somewhat happy that his three kids aren’t that impressed with his acting career. While recently appearing at the Directors Guild of America Awards, the actor opened up to the media about his kids and if they’re willing to follow in his footsteps.

The Children

Actor James Marsden has three children, Jack, Mary, and William, aged 22, 17, and 10, respectively. He shares son Jack and daughter Mary with ex-wife Lisa Linde and son William with ex-girlfriend Rose Costa. In April 2022, Marsden brought all three children to attend the premiere of his new film, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. While asked about his children’s plans of following in their dad’s footsteps, The Notebook star told the media that though his daughter has a bit of interest in acting, his boys don’t have any such intention so far, at least not yet. Referring to his daughter as a very talented young lady, the proud father said he would happily wait to see which path his daughter will take in the future. He also said that, as a father, he would never discourage his kids if they decide to have a career in the entertainment industry like him.

The Indifference

When asked, James Marsden, 49, also revealed that his children are generally unbothered by the fact that their father is a successful TV and movie star. He continued that his kids, in the best way, had always been kind of wonderfully underwhelmed with his job and career. The Westworld actor then joked that he finds this indifference a cool and blissful fact for him. Because he can get to be their dad without any diversion. Though his children are proud of him, they like him to be just their dad, and that’s what he himself would love to be for them.