Gigi Hadid Shares Her First Selfie After Becoming a Mom

Gigi Hadid, an American fashion model gave her Instagram fans a glimpse of her life as a new mom. She shared her first selfie after giving birth to her daughter, and it seems a rather important one.

Gigi Hadid Selfie in a Multicolored Vote Shirt
Gigi Hadid Shares Her First Selfie After Becoming a Mom

Gigi Hadid Posted a Selfie in a Multicolored “Vote” Shirt

The supermodel showed off her postpartum look in a “Vote” shirt while also encouraging her followers to just do that. She voted early with her daughter next to her, and Hadid also said that she’d be proud of anyone taking the initiative to vote whether they do it early by mail or by going to the polls.

This is not just the first time Gigi Hadid shares her faces to the public (after giving birth) but also the first time the model posted anything about her daughter. Hadid announced the birth on September 23 with an Instagram picture that shows the supermodel’s hand next to the tiny hand of her newborn daughter.

Gigi Hadid's Instagram announce of her daughter's birthday
Gigi Hadid Shares Her First Selfie After Becoming a Mom

Gigi Hadid’s Daughter’s Name Is Still Unknown to the Public

The father of the daughter is singer Zayn Malik. Hadid and Malik first started dating in November 2015 and have come a long way since then. Their relationship hasn’t always been straightforward as the musician and supermodel have consistently returned to each other’s sides.

Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik
Gigi Hadid Shares Her First Selfie After Becoming a Mom

The couple’s black-and-white Instagram photo, which Malik posted on Instagram to confirm they’re dating officially has since been deleted. However, the Instagram posts pointing out that they’re still together kept coming over the years until the couple surprised everyone when they appreciated a steamy music video for Malik’s debut solo single together.

Ever since then, Gigi Hadid and Malik made many public appearances until People reported that the couple had split up. Gigi even made a statement about why she dumped Zayn, but after a few weeks, social media posts suggesting that they’re back together started appearing. This lasted for two years before the couple publicly split up again due to work conflicts. This episode didn’t last long, either, and the occasional posts re-appeared on the couple’s followers’ screens.

It seems like the couple is getting more serious, and hopefully, their baby will make their relationship even stronger than before.