Emily Blunt Owes Her Successful Acting Career to a Stutter

Actress Emily Blunt

From the incredibly amusing Devil Wears Prada to the deeply thrilling A Quiet Place, Emily Blunt has graced the big screen for decades. And while she is extremely well-known, there is something very few of her fans are probably familiar with. She is actively involved in the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS) because she herself used to stutter.

Emily Blunt giving a speech at an American Institute for Stuttering event

She First Started Stuttering at Age 6

In a recent interview, Emily sat down to talk about her stutter and how it was actually the reason she got into acting. It all started when she was about six or seven, and then it progressed to a more severe state when she reached 11 years old. School was challenging as there were things she couldn’t do that other kids could. Things got better for her socially, however, when she went to boarding school at age 16. It felt more “artistic and very cool.”

From a Stuttering Child to a Hollywood Actress

Emily Blunt at the red carpet

Emily was just 12 years old when her teacher, Mr. McHale, encouraged her to join the class play. He had heard her do silly voices and mimicking people, so he suggested she do the play in an accent. And that’s where it all changed for Emily, who was initially reluctant to say yes. Even though she continued taking part in school plays, she had no ambition to pursue a career in acting. She wanted to study languages and work for the UN. Interestingly enough, she didn’t stutter when she spoke other languages.

The Emily Blunt We Know Today

A play she did at boarding school made it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and it changed everything. Her teacher called his agent and asked him to come and see the play. The agent recognized Emily’s talent, and it’s all history from there. Despite going into acting with a “why not” kind of an attitude, today, Emily Blunt says she can’t imagine doing anything else. And why should she considering that she’s a rare talent…