Dancing Dad Has All the Moves at School Pickup — & What His Teen Thinks May Surprise You

Dancing Dad Has All the Moves at School Pickup—and What His Teen Thinks May Surprise You

TikTok has captured plenty of parents up to wide range of wild antics, and this funky father is no exception. Introducing Kevin Smith, a Los Angeles-based dad who takes the art of embarrassing his teenage daughter to a whole new level. He’s not just dressing to impress — he’s coordinated hilarious dance moves to go with his stylings. Smith’s antics have been widely shared on TikTok, where he showcases his “torturing” of his teen daughter Jayna while picking her up from school.

The Highlight Reel

Jevin Smith’s most notable and embarrassing moments during pickups make for great entertainment. These comprise of his MC Hammer act and ‘80s clothes accompanied by a curly wig. Smith is committed to the act, yet Jayna appears to walk by him as if she does not know him.

The Highlight Reel

Smith recently posted a reel that consisted of his greatest acts on TikTok. Smith is later seen in one memorable moment wearing McHammer’s parachute pants and dancing to “2 Legit 2 Quit”. The camera captures Jayna walking past her funky-footed father, pretending not to know him — an understandable reaction for an embarrassed teenager.

From Embarrassment to Admiration

Despite the initial embarrassment, Jayna has changed her tune from describing her dad’s “unbearable” dancing routines to embracing him as a celebrity figure at school.

From Embarrassment to Admiration

Smith’s TikTok fame is growing, and he’s finding creative ways to keep the embarrassing tradition alive.

Dad’s Viral Moments Continue

The embarrassing school pickups of Jevin Smith are not isolated incidents. He has even posted some videos with ’90s songs, where he includes his son in the fun. Smith has decided to carry on with the embarrassment from the Homecoming dances all the way through to his daughter’s dance team trials.

Smith has now made it a line of viral moments that entertain his TikTok fans. In a single video, Smith takes it back to the ’90s with a performance of “Jump” by K.K. He shows up unexpectedly when his daughter is practicing with a dance team at his high school, and then he helps her with her Homecoming dance — for better or worse!

The Influence Spreads

Jevin Smith’s ability to turn the school pickup line into a stage for hilarious performances has gained him quite the following on TikTok. He’s undoubtedly a dad who knows how to have fun with parenting, and it’s hard not to admire his creativity. However, there’s a slight concern — could Smith’s antics be inspiring other parents? Well, it won’t be a shocker if a few online dads decide to join in on the fun!

Fun and Amazing Video Games Kids Can Play On Their Computer

With the advancement of technology, video games have become more and more impressive with their realism, complex storytelling, and entertaining gameplay. Gaming has become so popular that several titles have their own world cups and professional players.

A young boy playing a video game
Fun and Amazing Video Games Kids Can Play On Their Computer

Nowadays, a vast number of children prefer to spend their free time playing video games with their friends instead of being outdoors playing tag, hide-and-seek, or different types of sports. While this can be worrisome as too much gaming leads to sleep deprivation, attention issues, and poor time management skills, the truth is that some titles are too fun to not enjoy.

Here are four games that kids of all ages will enjoy playing on their computers and are appropriate to play as a family:

1. Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Perfect for Family Nights

Fun and Amazing Video Games Kids Can Play On Their Computer

Mario Kart is one of the most successful gaming franchises in the world. Developed and published by Nintendo, its eighth installment got enhanced in 2017 and released for Switch. It’s considered to be the ideal family game as children can play it with their friends or their parents. With the ability to support up to four players, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a game that promises nothing but fun.

2. Sonic Mania – A Great Homage to the Original Game

Fun and Amazing Video Games Kids Can Play On Their Computer

Sonic Mania was released in 2017 to commemorate the Sonic the Hedgehog series’ 25th anniversary. It follows Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles as they venture through 12 levels to defeat their arch-nemesis Doctor Eggman and his army of robotic henchmen. The game is fast-paced, fun, and captivating, which makes it perfect for kids of all ages. It can be played on both computers and gaming consoles. It became the franchises’ highest-rated video game in fifteen years and was praised for its music, presentation, and level of design. Sonic Mania offers its players a great experience that is worth their time.

3. FIFA 22 – The Ultimate Soccer Video Game

Fun and Amazing Video Games Kids Can Play On Their Computer

Soccer fans of all ages love the FIFA series. Its latest installment is regarded by many to be the best in years. With amazing visuals and lots of playing modes, this game is easy to play alone or with others.

4. Just Dance 2021 – Gaming + Exercise

Fun and Amazing Video Games Kids Can Play On Their Computer

Purchase Just Dance 2021 to combine gaming with exercise. With an E rating and the ability to support up to six players, this video game will make children of all ages move and groove. It’s easy to play, interactive, and amusing, meaning it guarantees plenty of memorable nights and weekends.

Other video games that kids will enjoy playing are Innersloth Among Us, SIMS 4, the NBA 2K series, Fortnite, and Minecraft. As long as they are played with measure, these fantastic games will bring nothing but smiles and laughter.