Channel Removes a Scene From <em>Bluey</em> Episode After Being Criticized for “Fat-Shaming”

What’s the Problem?

It seems that our beloved buddy Bluey has faced some difficulties. The producers of the widely popular kids’ cartoon show had to re-edit an episode after being heavily criticized for its content. The recent episode, named “Exercise,” garnered much backlash on social media with the accusation of promoting fat-shaming with unhealthy messages regarding body image, weight, and exercise, affecting children.

The Episode

The Episode

In the episode, the scene in question shows Bluey’s dad, Bandit getting ready in the bathroom when he is surprised by Bluey. He steps on the scale and says, “Oh man!” When Bluey asks what happened, Bandit responds that he soon needs to do some exercise. At that point, mom Chilli walks into the bathroom and says to dad, “Tell me about it,” when Bandit sighs by grabbing his tummy with a frustrated expression. Then Bluey asks her dad why he doesn’t start some exercise routines. Bandit answers that it’s for the “same old reason” – work and the kids. After a conversation about how Bandit won’t be able to do exercise because he needs to go to work timely, mom Chilli then steps on the scale and repeats the same reaction by groaning, “Oh man!”

The Criticisms

The perception of both dad Bandit and mom Chili in this particular Bluey episode met stark criticisms, as expressing such unhappiness and disgust with one’s body weight is certainly not a model behavior for children to follow. Especially amidst a scenario where body image is already a worrying issue among children of all ages. Also, though it’s true for most families, it’s not prudent to tell kids to their faces that they’re the reason their parents don’t have time for doing important things. Thankfully, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) took care of the matter pretty quickly by republishing a new version of the same Bluey episode, with the important topic of body image but without the questionable question.