4 Essential Documentaries On Amazon Prime Right Now

In a time where staying in is the new going out, there’s a high chance that you’re becoming pretty close with your televisions and the many streaming services that the world has to offer. Well, if you’re a member of Amazon Prime and want something to add to your to-watch list, then we’ve got your back. These are the best documentaries on Amazon right now.

4 Essential Documentaries to Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now

One Child Nation

If you’re looking for something that’s going to both intrigue and unnerve you at the same time, then it might be time to press play on One Child Nation. This documentary focuses on the one-child policy that used to be in force in China and how it affected families, both past and present. After all, history isn’t forgotten in an instant.

Chasing Happiness

The past few years have seen countless pop stars showcase their lives through the form of hard-hitting documentaries, and Amazon Video has got the latest addition to the bunch. Chasing Happiness follows the life and times of the Jonas Brothers, and they finally answer the age-old question of what caused them to break up the band…

4 Essential Documentaries to Watch On Amazon Prime Right Now


Even if you’re not a fan of football, you should definitely watch Gleason. Using personal video footage taken by former New Orleans Saints defensive back Steve Gleason and his family, this documentary digs deep into the emotional turmoil of his ALS diagnosis. The documentary showcases their struggles, their upheaval, and the impending addition of a new baby.

Human Flow

While most people know that refugees exist in the world, how much do you really know about their lives, and how many people are affected? Well, Human Flow will provide you with a whole new perspective on this global problem, and track the millions of people across the world who are struggling no matter their race, religion, or age.